Thursday, 25 February 2021

Femme Luxe Haul

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing great and having a lovely week as much as you can. We have finally have some good information and fingers crossed by June 21 we could possibly have a normal-ish life again? It feels sooo strange even thinking about it as it’s become the new norm this new lifestyle of wearing a mask, staying 2 meters away from people and staying cooped up in your house BUT we finally have some good news and it just seems the positive news is coming our way and we can live like New Zealand – which I am super jealous of them right now!

I want to also say to not feel pressured with looking ‘perfect’ by June 21 as there has been enough stress going on. Don’t think you need to look a certain way as I have seen so many posts on Insta/Twitter with saying they’re dieting etc now and I just think don’t stress out and just enjoy yourself as it can become so toxic at times social media.

Anyway you all know I adore Femme Luxe and have a new haul for you all to see! I have kind of stepped away from the loungewear as with a possibility of the normal life coming our way, I am finally ready to wear jeans (though this is possibly only mom jeans as I don’t brave to wear skinny jeans yet!) and cute tops especially that summer is coming our way too.

I firstly have this gorgeous cable knit midi cor-ord which is in a colour stone that will keep you look chic while feeling cosy too. This cable knit design comes with a long sleeve crop tog and a high waited midi skirt – making it perfect for lounging about but also you can wear this out and about with some chunky heels or fresh trainers. I always thought you need that ‘perfect figure’ for a co-ord like this but I am in love and cannot wait to wear this now Spring is coming.

Femme Luxe has a wide range of co-orders in all types of colours and styles such a ribbed loungwear and knitted loungewear sets which is always my go to as you can wear all day, out and about and even wear as pyjamas, such a practical clothing piece.

Okay as soon as I put this top on… I felt kinda pretty?! For me that is a huge thing as it is strange that a piece of clothing can instantly make you feel better about yourself. It makes super excited for summer as I cannot wait to wear this with a cute matching white skirt or mom jeans. This gorgeous white puff long sleeves zip up front comes in a milkmaid style. I cannot wait to wear this at a beer garden.

Again how pretty is this black lace scallop bodysuit. It is so sexy and again makes me have so much confidence and excited to wear this. I love lace on a clothing and the scallop edge detailing just adds extra sexiness to it, this bodysuit with an open back is gorgeous throughout. It reminds me when Rachel wore her sexy lingerie for Joshua and she felt embarrsed to wear this at a restaurant and now we’re all doing this as a normal thing! I love it.

There are a ton of lace bodysuits for you to choose from, whether you’re working the underwear as outwear trend you’ll be amazed how sexy you will feel in this. Each and every one of these will add a fresh new edge to your style.

Finally the last part of my haul I have this beautiful black ribbed off the shoulder crop top. I kind of feel like Sandy from Grease at the end especially with the leather trousers that I chose to go with it. It is a simple top yet such a stunning top as off the shoulder can make you feel very feminine.

If you are interested please do follow my Instagram which is @MissJadeW where you can find me in my many outfits and I am nearly on 10k too which is crazy as I never thought I would get this amount but I would love for you to follow me and check my content out.


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