Tuesday, 23 June 2020

My favourites from Femme Luxe

Hey guys, I hope you are all well. I am still working at home, which can have its ups and down days. I have always dreamt of working at home though I am not sure if it's because of the situation with that I feel very unmotivated most days, AND I keep snacking ... a lot! I don't think there is anything wrong with snacking and hate it when people make you feel bad for doing that, there needs to be a balance, and that balance is not working right now.

I have a bunch of clothes that I am loving right now from Femme Luxe Finery.

Grey Cuffed Jogger

I think pretty much everyone has been living in joggers and loungewear for the past three months, and the thought of wearing jeans right now scares me! I chose these grey jogger style trousers as thy are super comfy and such a perfect staple of clothing as I think we all need a pair of grey joggers in the wardrobe!

The joggers feature an elasticated waist with a hidden drawstring and a cuffed hem. They go perfectly with chunky white trainers and a bodysuit as they are ideal for keeping your style simple yet also looking very stylish with tiny details, and I find a gold chain will look super cute too. The joggers were a little hard to get grips at first as they do not have any pockets and I find myself always naturally putting my hands in the pockets which was funny at times of catching myself trying to ram my hands inside there, but apart from that, I love them.

You can find Femme Luxe collection of joggers and they have multiple colours from baby pink and even printed joggers.

Black 'Beverly Hills 1990' Oversized T-Shirt

I am a sucker for slogan t-shirts as instantly fell in love with this one as it's simple yet perfect with jeans or joggers. I find at the moment that I prefer tucking my t-shirts into my bra to make it into a cute crop top, it may look and sound a bit odd to some people, but I do love that style at the moment.

This oversized t-shirt features the print 'Beverly Hills 1990' and has a loose-fitting style, though I do love creating these types of tops into crop tops, I do also love tucking them into my mom jeans or even joggers. I find some clothes can go out of fashion but what I love about this top is that it seems very fitting for all year round, and any time of the year, it's simple yet effective. I think adding a few gold necklaces to this top will overall make it look extra cute!

Black Ribbed Cropped Skinny Leg Loungewear Set

One of my favourite clothing of all time is ribbed clothing, and I could wear this type forever, I find it makes any average top look 10x better for some reason. I think I have pretty much half of my clothing that is ribbed and will be adding more with these black ripped cropped skinny leg loungewear set.

I adore this loungewear set as it is super cute. This set comes with a long sleeve crop top and skinny fit leggings. They are perfect and what I also love is that they are not see-through whatsoever, I am always a bit sceptic of clothing that could be a little see-through especially on the trouser area, but they are 100% not see-through, and I love these so much. What I also love is that you could get away with wearing the top alone with a pair of jeans which are fantastic in my opinion as I love mixing and matching.

Rust Rib Two Piece Loungewear Set 

I find loungewear sets not only have to feel comfortable but also looking stylish because there are days for me when I wear casual clothes with no makeup, I don't feel that great at all. When the two-piece has a bit of style going on, and may I add it is also ribbed, it feels slightly better even when my hair is a mess, and I have no makeup on too.

This two-piece comes with a crew neck loose fitted tee and matching ribbed leggings in the colour rust. It is so pretty, and I have even ordered some fluffy sliders as I know this would look insane with these.

There is a whole range of loungwear sets with Femme Luxe and you can find these here on their collection.

I hope you enjoyed this haul and let me know what type of loungwear is your favourite?

*Please note that these are gifted however all opinions are my own.


Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Dresses Haul | Femme Luxe Haul

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well in these strange and crazy times right now! It’s been however many weeks, and it’s so sad seeing a lot of people not listening and seeing pictures of hundreds of people at a beach still. I do not agree with Boris’ new ‘rules’ as I think it is way too soon, especially for retail shops and for those poor parents and kids opening up primary schools. It seems all too rushed and I can feel a second wave will happen. To me, the beaches and parks will never leave, so why is it necessary to go right now.

This week has been a lot, and I wanted to discuss what has been going on this week, as I feel it is wrong to not talk about what is going on right now. Black Lives Matter. It's frightening that in 2020 this is happening. As you can see I am white, and it's time for us to speak up and put those down because it's disgusting, and it makes me so angry! I am educating myself because it is needed, I have never been taught about this which is sad. Schools need to start discussing this more and showing kids documentaries of what is going because we still have so many uneducated people in the world

In shocking times like this, I am happy to be working with Femme Luxe again and having a little dress haul. I have been feeling down especially as I have not been wearing make up a lot and wearing sweats all the time. I still struggle with a lot of insecurities and needed a pick me up. I am loving the collections in Femme Luxe right now and think they fantastic and affordable loungewear sets

I have a theme with ruched dresses and you can find so many types and styles of these on their site right now.

Wine Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress

This is a gorgeous feel, it is super soft and feels like an expensive material especially for it's affordable price. This Wine Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress is perfect for all year round! By the time this is all over I can imagine it will be Christmas making it even more perfect. As soon as I put this dress on I felt very glam and like myself again, I can not wait to wear this outdoors rather than just for me to see.

I love ruched dresses because it’s perfect for all sizes and grips onto the body easily. It comes in multiple colours too which I love having that choice too and certain dresses do look better in a certain colours, but honestly you could pick any and look insane still.

Again I find this fits my body so well and would look perfect for any size range! This Grey dress features a ruched side with a high neck design in a bodycon fit. When I did put this on at first, I wasn't too keen as I don't tend to wear tight fitted dresses anymore though after awhile of staring at the mirror, I do actually love the style. 

Femme Luxe have a wide range of mini dresses and I am obsessed with their tie-dye ranges and I love how they are coming back in again!!

Black Slinky Ruched Thin Strap Midi Dress

The final dress I got was another ruched dress which made me realise I have an obsession for ruched dresses and you always need a black dress in life. I did find the fitting a little big on me but I am small and you have to cautious on sizing as I find my self on days being an 8, 10 or 12 on clothes but it’s totally normal! This dress is perfect with strappy heels and a mini handbag .

I hope you enjoyed this post and apologies if it was a little negative at the start. Please be safe with everything that’s going on.

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