Monday, 27 April 2020

Loungewear Haul | Femme Luxe Finery

Hey guys!! Hope we’re all doing okay, and staying safe. Another week of lockdown and it’s weird to say this all feels a little normal now. The working from home isn’t bothering me as I can sleep a little longer than usual, wear sweats and be with my cat all day, which I am pretty sure he is loving, bless his soul. I miss doing normal things such as going out for a meal, having drinks and of course, seeing friends and it's hard staying in all the time. We are all going through this right now, and some people are worse, which makes me think I should not moan, but it is a struggle in some way or another. I’m hoping this all ends though I know that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

This week I have been watching a lot more TV than usual, but no one can judge right now. Firstly, I loved Too Hot To Handle! I thought it was odd how they struggled as it is not that difficult, not for me anyway, and especially for a hundred thousand pounds and then, of course, I binged After Life season 2, and it has got to be one of his best shows! I cried so much and laughed tons from each episode, and Ricky Gervais is such a genius, and I have always loved his work!

This week my haul is all about comfiness and thinking about it, I cannot remember the last time I wore jeans or even a dress! Femme Luxe has some fantastic collections such as joggers and loungewear sets, and I cannot wait to show you what I have got in store for you this week.

Navy Constrast Drawstring Cuffed Joggers

Firstly whoever created joggers needs a virtual hug right now because I am living in them 24/7. These Navy Joggers feature a contrasting drawstring pull design with a cuffed leg. They are incredibly comfortable, and I loved that they are high-waisted too meaning they go perfect with a cute crop top. 
I can guarantee I will be wearing these for most of my time during lockdown now (I will wash in between, don’t worry!) but I love them and paired them up with a basic grey top. Navy is my favourite colour in joggers too, and I am obsessed with these.

Black Oversized T-Shirt & Leggings Loungewear Set

One of my first loungewear sets that I have to show you, and it's my favourite out of them all. This set features luxe oversized t-shirt in a crew neck style with a pair of high waisted leggings. The top is oversized, and I love it because it is snug, and even fits my boyfriend ha! 

I really love the material to this and feel very feminine in these because a lot of the time when I do wear comfortable clothes, I don't feel I look amazing which I should not care about and something I am working on. It also makes me especially happy due to the top being oversized it means that I can eat so much without feeling bad as it is hidden away.

Khaki and Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set

Now I normally don’t do this and get two things in the same colour, but with this, I had to. I couldn’t decide which I loved more if it was the khaki loungewear set or the wine loungewear set so sometimes you have to choose both.

Perfect with trainers, both of these sets feel such a delight as they're a perfect fit. It is stretchy that has an elasticated fitted ankle, and the long sleeves will keep you warm throughout the cooler evenings. I love khaki clothing, especially for loungewear and the wine one makes me feel like Jenna Marbles when she wore her matching set when Julian cooked her favourite meal.

I used to love dressing up even during lock down, but now I’m vibing the whole lounge wearing, no make up and even no bra look because why not! 

I hope you are all doing okay during this and if you’re feeling low I am happy for a chat as would hate to hear people struggle right now but remember this isn’t permanent and we’re all in this together!!

* These have been gifted

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