Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Femme Luxe Finery Haul

How is everyone coping right now? What a crazy year it has been so far! If you have been living under a rock which I highly doubt that you have as it is everywhere right now, then you will pretty much be isolating at home unless you are a key worker and by the way, you are all fantastic, and we are proud of you! I can imagine it's been a tough few weeks or even a month for us all, and it's pretty awful. 

It must be weird outside right now, with restaurants and a lot of shops closed. I am craving a good meal, and it's hard at times, especially with the food shop as I try to get much as possible for the whole week. Unfortunately, the delivery slots for where I live have all gone for the whole two months, which is not ideal. I am hoping everyone other than key workers is following the rules right now and staying home because this means the sooner we do this, the sooner it's done!

Can I add that I have cut my hair and I understand that many of you would never dare to do that, but I enjoy trying new things, and I get very bored easily! I find that I do not suit the long hairstyle, so I gave myself a trim. Please bear with me and apologies if it looks a bit odd in the pictures, but I can’t go back now though I do kind of like it and don’t think I did that bad of a job!

This week I have a new haul for you all with a variety of trousers and dresses. The clothes have been kindly gifted, and I cannot wait to show you all what I have got. Femme Luxe Finery has soo many nice clothes, and right now they have the perfect loungewear sets and trousers.

Orange Utility Elasticated Cuffed Joggers

Firstly I want to start of with something quite extravagant with these joggers. Seing as we're all home I think it's fair to say we're living in comfies for the time being and these Orange Utility Elasticated Cuffed Joggers are pretty amazing! This features a luxe shell suit like material with an elasticated waist and cuffed hem. I feel very glam in these and even if it is just for wearing at home and maybe even a full face of makeup because why now as right now I do not care at all.

If you are being bold and wearing these then I suggest with going for a plain and simple top as the joggers speak for itself. The bright joggers would look amazing in a pair of heels or some trainers. They are comfortable and love the fit of these on me.

Black Animal Crocodile Print Leggings 

I love these crocodile print leggings. I find these leggings go perfect with a huge cosy jumper or an oversized top. If I was going to wear these for when I go out then I would go for a lace bodysuit and then wear a blazer over this as I am obsessed with that look at the moment, but right now I could be wearing this inside, I am going to pick the oversized T-shirt with this look.

The leggings are very stretchy, which is rare for most printed leggings and they’re super comfortable too. I find being small too that leggings can be a little long on me meaning on my calves area I always have so much of the leggings left, but luckily it’s like they were made me for me as they’re a perfect fit. I chose this cute top as luckily the weather has been gorgeous right now.

Mint Long Sleeve Ribbed Bodycon Mini Dress

This mint ribbed bodycon dress features a ruffled shoulder type effect, and it got me thinking of the days when shoulder pads were 'in'. I used to love tops that had these, and when I saw this dress all the nostalgia came back, and I wanted this right away. I love the colour of the dress too as I don't have any clothing in this colour. The fit of the dress isn’t too tight and I really love the detailing of this dress.

Sage Mesh Overlay Long Sleeve Mini Dress 

Remember when I said I don’t have any clothes in this type of colour? I went from zero to two, and this dress is so gorgeous!! As you know from my previous blog posts that I love mesh clothing. This dress gives me 90s vibes and is something similar to what Sabrina would wear on Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

I cannot wait to be wearing this more, especially for the summertime as it is such a gorgeous colour.

*This has been gifted


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