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Femme Luxe Finery Haul | Gifted

From one storm to another, I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the cold weather. Don’t get me wrong my favourite season is winter as I especially love the layers we get to wear when it’s super cold, but there is only so much I can take of this. The weather does not motivate me in the slightest.

Now Love Island has finished which oh I am sorry why didn’t our Queen Siannise win? I am happy for Paige and Finn as they are very cute together, but there was that extra spark in Luke T and Siannese. Though I am lying, I would’ve even loved Luke T and Luke M to win together! I am glad it’s over as I did feel it taking up on my days though I did love this season.

This haul from Femme Luxe Finery I wanted to share my love of mesh and comfiness. You will find a whole range of trousers with Femme Luxe Finery from a variety of leggings, cargo and jeans. My favourite combination is a lace bodysuit with a cute pair of jeans as they go perfect with a blazer.

Black Ribbed Mesh Polka Dot Organza Sleeve Top

I genuinely have loved mesh clothing for such a long time, I remember seeing people wear mesh clothing and for so long I could never find any and so I am thrilled to find this everywhere now though it does make me want to buy it all now.

This black ribbed top features polka dot mesh sleeves, and it is simply beautiful. Perfect for most occasions, I am excited to wear this more! What I love most about mesh clothing is that it adds a bit of excitement to the clothing.

I adore this bold shirt. The blue dotted mesh shirt is truly perfect for all occasions. It’s such an ideal piece of clothing, especially when you have plans for the evening, but then got to work in the day, this shirt makes me feel elegant and radiant!

Featuring a contrasting black polka dot pattern, sheer organza mesh material with a collar, this shirt fits flawlessly. I don't think I have any shirts and I am obsessed. It is such a beautiful design. I went with a pencil skirt and feel rather smart in this. I love how bold it is and gives me confidence like it does with the clothes Eric wears from Sex Education! I have gotten a lot of compliments on this shirt.
If I could wear one type of clothing forever it would be snug clothes. It’s that stage right now where you want to start getting your summer and holiday clothes out, but the weather doesn’t seem to be pushing away meaning I’m keeping layers and jumpers with me for the meantime.

This grey hoodie features a luxe material belt in a jersey hoodie dress, this dress ties up to give you a gorgeous shape for whatever your figure. I think this hoodie is perfect for all year round because you can wear this with some tights or leggings then when it’s summertime the hoodie is snug yet has a thin material making it ideal for whenever. If you love nothing more than relaxing clothes, then I highly recommend this.

Black Mesh Sleeve String Tie Crop Top

I love this black mesh crop top with the tie-up, I feel very elegant and glam in this top. It’s not an everyday type of type, but sometimes that’s nice to have clothes ideal for certain occasions only. I think you can all tell that I am a tiny bit obsessed with mesh, but it’s such a simple detail yet does all the talking. You can never have too much anyway.

It’s a great outfit choice when you want to go partying or wanting a few cocktails. I love wearing these with my slinky wide trouser leg and some black heels. I find myself wearing a lot of black lately, and I am loving and hear for it

Are you loving the mesh clothing or do you prefer something different? let me know below!

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Dressed With Soul said...

Super amazing pieces!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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