Saturday, 11 January 2020

Femme Luxe Haul

How crazy is that it is 2020, I hope you all had a gorgeous New Year and I am excited to be blogging more. I am very excited to be sitting on my ass and being obsessed with the new Love Island that’s starting on Sunday! Yes, I cannot wait, I’m one of those that says ‘meh I don’t know if I’ll bother with it this year’ then get hooked for the next few weeks.

The one thing I love more than anything from Love Island is their clothes, each outfit they get to wear is so beautiful and makes me way too excited for the summer!  Speaking of clothes, I have another Femme Luxe haul for you all. These have been kindly gifted which I am hugely grateful for, each clothing that I have received have been in perfect condition and not once had any problems with them, they have all fitted perfectly well too.

Femme Luxe has such a wide range of clothing from day to night styles. Whether you're going out with your girlfriends with that slinky dress or want to spice up your outfit by wearing some PU leggings with that slogan tee, you're missing out if you have not bought anything from there. Each clothing below is linked if you're interested in my look and they always have fantastic pricing too.

Black Mesh Polka Dot High Neck Top

The Black Mesh Organza Polka Dot High Neck Top is gorgeous. I am completely in love with the mesh sleeves, especially since they have become a thing and I have always wanted something like this. The polka dot makes it even more beautiful. 

It is a gorgeous fit and perfect for the evening with some PU leggings or black jeans and would even look super cute with a pencil skirt if you're going for the smart look! I love that the sleeves have mesh only because with it being a crop top too, I find that it would be over the top if this top was full-on mesh. The whole design is stunning.

Rust Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top

I feel this Rust Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top is going to be perfect for the Summertime. I do get autumnal vibes wearing this, though I guess this is a good thing meaning it will be perfect for all year round. It is very comfortable and goes perfect with high waisted jeans.

I tend to struggle with low cut tops at times due to not have the smallest of boobs which can look unflattering at times. I was happy that it fits well and will be treasuring this top for the autumn time too.

Beige One Shoulder Ruched Slinky Midi Dress

I don't usually go for midi dresses as I am small and find that I don't suit them, but as it is 2020, I wanted to more daring with clothes.  This Beige One Shoulder Ruched Slinky dress makes me feel like Kim K though I don't have her ass, unfortunately. It is stunning and such an elegant dress.

I do think this dress would look ten times better if I had a tan, as my legs are disgustingly pale and full of bruises. I matched this with a pair of nude heels and think it’s perfect for a date night. The dress has a belted waist to tie up on the front which defines your body, giving you that gorgeous shape (anyone would look beautiful in this).

What a super sparkly dress! I saved the best for the last. The black dress has these beautiful mesh sleeves with a frill, and I can honestly say I love each bit of detailing. It’s perfect for going out partying with, I would personally wear black wedges with this as I’m not a huge heel fan, but I think after trialling a few pair of shoes the wedge matched up perfectly! 

I do think I need to lose a few pounds as I am carrying a little holiday weight (as Ross Gellar once said) as I am a size 8, I got a size 8, but I should've sized up!! Though it is a little tight, it still fits perfectly, and I love that the dress has a zip which means it easier to take on and off.

I think you can gather I love a dress and I really need more nights out planned because right now it’s just me and my camera taking selfies with them!! What outfit is your favourite?


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