Thursday, 19 December 2019

Purchasing My First Christmas Jumper

I don’t know if anyone knows, but I am slightly obsessed with cats. Surprisingly, I wasn’t keen on them when I was younger as I remember stroking my neighbour’s cat and he scratched my arm and I bled which scarred me for a long time. I have forgiven them now, and quite literally obsessed with them.

Christmas is my absolute favourite though something I have thought to myself the other day is that I do not have any nor have I ever owned a Christmas jumper. I am not a huge fan of them as such as nothing has ever caught my eye. I do love crazy and ‘out there’ jumpers especially fluffy or glittery ones. After searching for what seems like forever, I finally found the purrrfect (spoiler!) Christmas jumper for me.

Amazon has an incredible collection of Christmas jumpers, and I managed to find one that was me to a T. It's from fpengfashion and is the Merry Catmas Sweatshirt. I was so thrilled and could not resist getting it. Due to not having the best of luck with buying clothes online, I decided to do some research before purchasing. I have had certain clothes that have been nothing like what is was pictured, so doing research does help a lot. I was delighted to see there was a review, and thank goodness I saw this. They advised purchasing a large size if you are a medium fit and the image on the sweater is bigger too. Reviews help soo much.

Harry has Prime meaning I got this next day, which I may say is the best thing in the world, especially near Christmas time and need of a crisis. Once the jumper arrived, I immediately tried this on, and it was the softest jumper I have ever worn. The jumper felt incredible especially for the price that it's at, and I have never bought any clothing from Amazon so I was ecstatic for it to be just as perfect. 

Like the reviewer mentioned, the image is larger than it looked on the original image though it wasn't too obvious and buying a larger was the perfect fit. I find large jumpers extremely snug anyway plus if Ariana Grande can pull it off, why can’t we? The design is quite basic it features a bunch of cats on top of each other in the shape of a Christmas tree, with the highest cat reaching fit the star. Oh, and it also says Merry Catmas too, which makes it even better. 

Overall, I am super happy this is my first Christmas jumper. For the price it is at, you could not expect anything more. My advice is to research if you are going to purchase clothes from amazon and be wary of the sizing too.

Do you have a favourite Christmas jumper? If so, what style do you prefer? 


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