Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Femme Luxe Review | Gifted

I want to share a little haul with you guys of some of my favourite pieces from Femme Luxe. Due to it being Christmas, I am living in comfies for the time being and have this gorgeous loungewear to show you. I also have a few other pieces that I am obsessed with especially tops that are perfect with jeans, as I know it's a struggle to have that 'nice top and jeans'.

It’s a few days away from Christmas, and it could not feel any less like it. I hate that I don’t feel festive, I have managed to eat so much Christmas food and have been watching all those cheesy Hallmark movies, yet I am still not in the festive spirit. One thing that does excite me, however, is clothes as it’s a real mix from layering up to finding that dress for the Christmas parties, it excites me way too much.

From eating way too much as previously said before, I am currently living in comfy clothes. It's that time we're all starting to sign up for the gym and get ready for the summer holiday you've booked for and for the meantime, I kind of love not wearing jeans and tight dresses at the moment. Here are a few things that I have picked from Femme luxe that have kindly been gifted and I love each and every piece that I have chosen.

Camel Crop Loungewear Set | Two piece set

I picked up this gorgeous loungewear set from Femme Luxe in a tan colour they also have two fabulous colours including tan and khaki. I am obsessed with them and have worn this every single day since I got these ( I have washed them don’t worry!) it’s nice to wear clothes where you can feel good and also look good at the same time. I do tend to wear my boyfriends top at the weekend with a bun up, and while other girls look cute, I end up looking like Miss Trunchbull. I feel confident in this loungewear, and though you feel relaxed when at home, when walking past a mirror with no makeup on, it does make you feel like crap at times, so this loungewear set makes me feel a little better. It is my favourite set I have ever owned so thank you so much, Femme Luxe.

As you can tell, I do love my glitter, and I purchased this high neck glitter top with a gorgeous open back. I matched this up with skinny jeans or ever leather trousers. It’s perfect for the festive season or going out on the town. It’s a very comfortable fit, plus I love the back because it adds a little extra detail to the top.

Black Faux Leather Look Leggings

I have always wanted a pair of leather leggings, and these are remarkably comfortable. I’m not too keen on leather trousers because they can be quite tight and I do have chunky calves which we will not talk about due to it being the festive season. I have loved leggings since I was little, I always end up with holes in them especially in the awkward places. I think these go well with a baggy T-shirt, a going-out top or a large jumper.

Black Sequin Mesh Overlay Bodysuit

Bodysuits are the best invention in the world. I find tops don't have the same feeling as bodysuits they don't look right, especially when you tuck them in. Bodysuits are seriously on another level! I adore the detailing of the ribbed mesh bodysuit, and the sequins make it that extra special. It's perfect when you want a 'nice top' going with a pair of jeans. I feel very glamorous in this bodysuit and have already got a lot of compliments wearing this.

I have truly loved the loungewear set most of all because it’s so comfortable and also I am going to purchase the khaki set too. I wanted to get a variety of clothing, and I can honestly say that I find each clothing from the tops, dresses and loungewear has come in perfect condition. I would 100% recommend them.


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