Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Why You Should Use Depop

Not going to lie but I’m loving these early dark evenings and layering up. I love summer though there is something about autumn and winter and I’m here for it. Plus what’s not to love about comfort food and blanket??

As always I’ve been buying clothes though I have swayed to Depop this year and wanted to share my thoughts on it and why I think it’s such a fantastic company. 

I first started using Depop to make money as I had a lot of plans for this year and I have been using it non-stop! Here are a few reasons why I think you should use Depop too:

Make money...
As I previously said, I had a lot planned this year and clearly thought I was rich with the number of things I wanted to do. I can’t exactly remember the reason why or how I got on to Depop, but I remember looking through my clothes and realising ‘I don’t wear half of these!’ And so I started to take pictures and put them onto Depop.

I wasn't an expert. I never even sent anything to a post office before, so god knows how I survived. After a few months of starting this up, I managed to have made around £300. I was rich (I wish!) Though my wardrobe looked very poor by selling half of it.

Recycling clothes means helping the plant...
There is no problem with buying second-hand clothing. Every single piece of clothing that I have bought from Depop has been in an immaculate condition. People mainly sell their clothes as it doesn't fit, don't like it anymore or if they have worn it, it's in great condition still.

helping a small business...
I love that you can be helping people out too people are flipping creative, I really would love to do something like this and hope to one day do this. People are selling eyelashes, charm bracelets and scrunches. Have a gander on Depop as even the vintage clothes are gorgeous.

Do you use Depop? I would love you to check my page out too which is @missjadew 


Why The Circle is The Best Show Right Now

Hello, my lovelies. After a well-needed break of blogging and questioning whether to come back or not, I decided to keep going with it. I have thought a lot about quitting blogging, but I have done this for two years and wouldn't want to give that up.  Coming back has made me realised how much I do like this.

I have gone blonde, went to Italy, and became am obsessed with The Circle. I saw it last year and instantly fell in love with it, and even more so this year. It is such a refreshing reality show. This year is even better with such lovable people, and I am gutted that it's the finale this Friday.

As a lover of reality shows, I have fallen out of love them recently. I watched Big Brother since it began and became obsessed with the housewives series, Jersey Shore and Towie. Though lately, I have felt out of love with them all. Don’t get me wrong, I will devour a whole series of love island, but The Circle is something different. 

Firstly, can I just say that I am so obsessed with Tim. What a wonderful human being he is, and I do hope he wins. This show reminds me of a Black Mirror type of series, and it works perfectly. I am crying and laughing throughout the whole of this series, it's not like any other show it's interesting seeing how a catfish can cope in there.

Along with Tim, I adore Woody, how can such a young guy be soo genuinely lovely? I want him as my younger brother and would not mind if he or Tim won. My favourite moment by far though was definitely when ‘Jay’ met ‘Sammie’. I am just as shook as much as they are.

Have you been watching The Circle? And what do you make of the series?

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