Wednesday, 21 August 2019

4 Pretty Little Thing Petite Trousers I am Loving

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I am so over jeans. They're too much hassle. I do need a clear out though and buy some new ones as I have had the same jeans for over five years, and pretty sure the washing machine has shrunk them, and the black jeans are now slowly turning into a grey colour.

Now forgive me if I sound dumb, but I honestly thought that petite trousers were for skinny gals and it's not, it's for small gals like myself! I nearly gave up buying trousers as I have had many times trying some on and looking like a child dressed as a builder. I am over the moon that I can buy something other than jeans.

I love online shopping because it's so much easier for the eyes and my legs. Pretty Little Thing caught my eye as they do a wide range of petite trousers and I was super happy, though my bank balance wasn't. It can be difficult trying a new style and embracing it, but you know? I am here for it now.

If you're small and struggling for something to wear, then check my absolute favourites. I love this type of trouser as they look so comfortable and can already confirm that the first two are a dream. They're perfect for work or with a cropped t-shirt. The other two bring back so many memories of the early noughties I remember the days of Rachel Stevens in S Club 7 wearing cargo trousers with a cute top.

Petite Monochrome Stripe Casual Trousers image 3Petite Khaki Casual Trousers  image 3Petite Green Camo Print Cargo Trousers image 4Petite Navy Pocket Detail Cargo Trousers image 3

Let me know if you are petite on the trouser area too and where you find best to shop for them?


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