Wednesday, 21 August 2019

4 Pretty Little Thing Petite Trousers I am Loving

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I am so over jeans. They're too much hassle. I do need a clear out though and buy some new ones as I have had the same jeans for over five years, and pretty sure the washing machine has shrunk them, and the black jeans are now slowly turning into a grey colour.

Now forgive me if I sound dumb, but I honestly thought that petite trousers were for skinny gals and it's not, it's for small gals like myself! I nearly gave up buying trousers as I have had many times trying some on and looking like a child dressed as a builder. I am over the moon that I can buy something other than jeans.

I love online shopping because it's so much easier for the eyes and my legs. Pretty Little Thing caught my eye as they do a wide range of petite trousers and I was super happy, though my bank balance wasn't. It can be difficult trying a new style and embracing it, but you know? I am here for it now.

If you're small and struggling for something to wear, then check my absolute favourites. I love this type of trouser as they look so comfortable and can already confirm that the first two are a dream. They're perfect for work or with a cropped t-shirt. The other two bring back so many memories of the early noughties I remember the days of Rachel Stevens in S Club 7 wearing cargo trousers with a cute top.

Petite Monochrome Stripe Casual Trousers image 3Petite Khaki Casual Trousers  image 3Petite Green Camo Print Cargo Trousers image 4Petite Navy Pocket Detail Cargo Trousers image 3

Let me know if you are petite on the trouser area too and where you find best to shop for them?


Thursday, 8 August 2019

Excilor Ultra Nail Treatment

 Now I wanted to get down on the nitty gritty with feet. If you notice that your nails on the feet have discolouration and thickening nails then you may be suffering with a fungal nail infection. It's believed that 25% of the population are plagued with this and now it's time for us to tackle the taboo and put your best feet forward.

If you love having pretty feet then don't worry because Excilor has provided a treatment that is compatible with nail polish - this is a first too! Excilor’s Ultra Nail Fungus Treatment is a once a day treatment which effectively treats the nail bed using Transactive Technology and Peppermint Oil. 

What I love about this product it is super simple! There is no filing required, all you need to do is apply a layer of Ultra, peel off after 24 hours, apply a fresh coat and voila, you are ready to conquer the day. 

This means you can pick you're favourite colour and paint away on top of the Ultra layer. Not only do your feet look super pretty but you're covering all the Fungal Nail signs while Ultra does all the work. 

I would love to hear if you've tried this product?


Monday, 5 August 2019

Dr Anders Foot Care Range | Gifted

A lot of people hate feet, and I can understand them, yet I feel it's time to embrace your feet. They can be especially best to not look at, but by having the right products means you're no longer hating on your own feet and able to wear those sandals for the summertime.

I have received some fantastic products from Dr Anders and wanted to share my thoughts on them, Dr Anders has been a podiatrist for over 20 years now, and she is inspired by how incredible feet can be. She was not satisfied by what was on the market as the brands were not thinking about the complexability of feet and didn't suit peoples needs. She wanted to create something that worked.

Many people suffer from foot problems and can affect their lives. I have used a lot of foot creams in the past as my feet have been dry yet most products are very thick, they last throughout the day though it's mainly the grease from the product.

It took Dr Anders 18 months to create the perfect products for us. I think this is especially important as it shows that she cares about the customer and what we need. The key ingredients in them from botanical oil which leaves them feeling velvety-soft, and also organic virgin coconut, this sinks in deeply conditioning, moisturising and softening the skin.

Each product has a unisex appeal making it perfect for everyone with a high-end fragrance smell. All products are none irritant, natural and pure and not tested on animals too.

The conditional nail treatment has a rich and deeply nourishing treatment. The cream works best on hard, thick and brittle nails, making them not only improve the appearance but making it easier to cut and manage.

The intensive rescue balm is my favourite as it has a non-greasy formula - finally a product that doesn't make me slip over the floor! This formula deeply hydrates and absorbs exceptionally quickly leaving a silky soft finish.
The nourishing daily therapy has a lightweight oil which absorbs into the foot, nourishes and restores the dry skin. My boyfriend has extremely dry feet, and this has worked remarkably well and can finally massage his feet without moaning.

Dr Anders also has a online foot community called 'feel your feet' to drive, change and encourage conversations to transform the attitudes we have towards our feet. You can find the products and the community on the website.

These products have been gifted however all opinions are my own.

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