Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Shows To Watch Now Love Island Has Finished

Not going to lie, I am slightly glad that Love Island has finished. It was tiring watching a show pretty much every day though don't get me wrong I loved this year, especially Chris - we need more people like him in there. Next year, however, we have Love Island on twice. It's like they're trying to give me no life.

As you know from previous posts, I love a good binge and decided to share with you all some shows I have been watching lately. If you're struggling for a new show then this post may be the one for you, I have thoroughly enjoyed each one and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The Hills: New Beginnings

If you miss reality then this may be the show for you. I was thrilled to hear this show was back. Unpopular opinion but I am glad Lauren isn't back - I do find she is happy where she is and doesn't need this unnecessary drama. I adore Mischa Barton she fits in well, which I didn't think she would when I first saw that she was going to be in this show. So far, I am loving it too.

Orange Is the New Black

I have been hooked from season one and gutted it's the season finale. It's full of drama, and the storylines are gripping.  We get to see each of the character's story, and we start to feel for them as the show goes on. I like that each season is different and the storyline feels so real and raw.


I can see why this show was one of the greatest shows of all time though I did struggle to watch it at times. There some touching scenes from time to time, this is what makes this show so fantastic. It touches on so many topics from men dealing with mental health, rape and many more. I must admit that it did make me very angry in some scenes.

Good Girls

This show was always on my recommendations, and finally, I got around to watching it. I have the last three episodes to watch, and it's a total binge-fest indeed. These three women are badass. Rio is something else too...

Let me know if you have seen any or if any takes your pick? Please give me recommendations too.


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