Friday, 14 June 2019

Meat Inc. - Lincolnshire's Hidden Gem of a Restaurant

Meat Inc is a modern twist on the classic diner and passionate about burger. The authentic hamburger diner and is a hidden gem based in Lincolnshire. 15 miles north from Lincoln, this place is the perfect pit stop for when you need petrol and hungry for some grub. Unfortunately, Meat inc are closing down BUT I am going to show you how fantastic Meat Inc is and that you need to go before they close on July 28 though you never know they could make a comeback at some point!

They are the only restaurant in Lincolnshire that are Carbon Free Dining ambassadors. Not only that, they do there share to help the environment by having 100% of there own electricity from renewable sources, compostable coffee cups, takeaway contains and straws and they also have LED bulbs. It is refreshing to have a restaurant that not only provides delicious food, but they are also doing there bit for the environment, whether it’s small or big every little helps.

Harry and I love a road trip, especially when food is involved and could not wait to devour the food. When we arrived, I was obsessed with the style of the restaurant and the artwork all over the walls. For drinks, I went for a cherry soda, and Harry got a Brooklyn beer. Meat Inc does a variety of drinks, and the cherry soda caught my eye the most. In the UK we rarely get cherry sodas, so I was excited to try this and thoroughly enjoyed it. They are from a brand called 'Soda Folk'.

I went for nachos for starters, they came with a choice of chilli, pulled pork or veggie chilli and of course got the pulled pork. The nachos did not disappoint, it had the right amount of cheese and pork, and also came with a sour cream and guacamole dip. Harry got chicken wings and when I say big I mean BIG, in that they were huge and I would highly recommend sharing the chicken wings. I am quite picky with chicken wings though these were delicious and very lean.

I always think with my belly than my head and get way too excited about food, anyone else the same? For mains I got the beef dip, this was unbelievable, this was a grilled sandwich with brisket beef, swiss cheese and onions with gravy dip. Yes, you heard correctly, GRAVY dip and fries. I was full towards the end, although I highly recommend this dish, especially if you want to try something different.
Harry got the meat inc burger which came with 6oz beef patties, pulled pork and house pickles - if you want nothing too crazy, this would be up your street. When we saw there were a fair few different types of chips we had to try the katsu chips, the curry sauce was sweet and mild with crispy bits of chicken, I was impressed and wanted more of it.

While we felt like our stomachs were getting bigger and bigger, we decided to share a chocolate fudge cake which came with vanilla ice cream and was a perfect dessert to end the perfect time here.

My experience was incredible, the service was really welcoming, the food was delicious. They also do breakfast too which I am definitely going back to try this, and I would recommend you try this out before they sadly go.

*This was kindly gifted however all opinions are my own.


Yaya said...

Really enjoyed reading this! Thank goodness I just had dinner or else I'd be starving reading this! My hubs used to work in Lincolnshire so I know it well! X

Eric said...

Lovely piece I must say. The food looks amazing. Good Lord, the icecream looks delicious.

Elissa said...

well you just made me hungry.

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