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Where To Eat In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a hidden gem. From the gorgeous scenery with the canals and buildings to the Red Light District full of exotic shops and women in the windows waiting for a good time, I guess. The last thing that I thought would be the best part is the food, and it is remarkable.

Our hotel was three miles from the city centre, and we impressively managed to walk there and back for two days though it was worth seeing everything in and around Amsterdam. My Steps app was probably shook by how many steps I was doing that weekend, and I don't blame them. Amsterdam is one of the most stunning places I have ever been to, it has a Manhattan vibe to it and what I love most about travelling is the non-touristy parts because it's so authentic and real.

I wanted to discuss the food that I had in Amsterdam and let you know where and what there is. Sit back and enjoy and I hope you're not too hungry because you will be after seeing my pictures.

Albert Cyup market

We chose to go here on our last day, and I was a little upset because I didn't know how bloody fabulous this place is. This market is nearly a half a mile long or probably more as it felt we were walking for ages.

I have found my new fave which is a Stroopwaffle, this is a thin waffle and inside is glazed with caramel and is best served warm. There is so much variety from Kibbeling to Poffertjes, which are those cute mini pancakes and I sure did get them covered in Nutella. It is super cheap too, between Harry and I, we had $20, and by the end, we were full and still had money left over.

NOTE: If you're eager to try a Stroopwaffle, they sell them at Lidl's.

Grizzly Bear

I honestly thought this was the best burger I have ever had, well it's in my top five to say the least. The burger was full of flavour and moist. Harry said it was okay, but I honestly fell in love with this burger.

We also got a hotdog and bitterballen though I wasn't too keen on them. This is based near the Red Light District.

The Pancake Bakery

I've heard so many great reviews about this place and was eager to try this. The Pancake Bakery had a huge queue outside, so from there I knew it would be the place to be.

Harry ordered a pancake which had bacon and onions, and this was more like an omelette than a pancake. I, however, made a fantastic choice. I ordered the 'Dutch' pancake, and it was expensive but worth it. The pancake had mini stroopwaffles with chocolate flakes, ice cream and whipped cream. Delicious.

Vlaamse Frites

OMG. That is how I can explain how good these chips are. If anyone knows me, they would know that chips are my favourite food in the world. These are probably the best chips that I have ever had, and Amsterdam has so many of these around the city.

They're popular with mayonnaise and satay sauce, which may sound strange, but trust me, it's not as weird as it's delightful and so god damn tasty. I want to fly back so I can eat them again.

Where is you favourite place to eat in Amsterdam?



Dressed With Soul said...

I see I should visit Amsterdam soon!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Liz said...

I love this! Your pictures made me so hungry 😍

Nyxie said...

I loved Amsterdam!

Thank you for sharing :D

- Nyxie

TinK said...

I have been yet but me and my boyfriend are planning a trip there at some point and definitely going to have to check out some of these places.

Thank you for sharing!


Mummywho said...

It just makes me want to go back!!! I loveee.a stroop waffel

Katie xx

Tajinder said...

Loved this post, I'm heading to Amsterdam in October, I'll definitely be on the lookout for these items. All the pictures look so delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

Renee said...

Omg mini pancakes drenched with nutella!?!? YES PLEASE!
Seriously, everything looks so freakin good!

Renee @ Maritime Mama

Flixy Mom said...

I must fly off to Lidl's now to find stroopwaffles. Yum

Lindsay - SingerofStories said...

Wow! My eyes are popping out of my head!! Its not likely that I will make it to Amsterdam anytime soon, but I do love to dream!!

Emma said...

This all looks amazing, especially the waffles. I'm hungry just looking at all of this.

Barbara said...

Everything looks so yummy, but those Stroopwaffles look especially delicious!

Sarah said...

Mmmmmm stroopwaffles and hot salty fries with mayo. I want to go back!

John Rieber said...

I had a terrific cone filled with fries and topped with Mayonnaise there..

Elissa said...

youve made me even more hungry now... mmmmm

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