Thursday, 2 May 2019

Three Daisies on the Shirt...

It's nearly summer, and it got me thinking about how bloody great last summer was. From BBQs to England almost winning the world cup to also having Love Island on every night, it was lit AF. I hope it's going to be just as good this year.

Sorry that I haven't been posting for a while, I have started my new job and went to Amsterdam not long ago, so I can't wait to post about that. It's nice to have some time away from blogging and I have been bingeing The Sopranos, and I am loving it.

Summer clothes are always hard especially as I am white as a ghost but this cute t-shirt is perfect from denim shorts to a midi skirt. I cannot wait to wear this more. 

What have you guys been watching at the moment?



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Megan | Bookstacks and Golden Moms said...

This is gorgeous! Although, with a golden retriever, black is definitely NOT my color :) It looks great on you, though!

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