Friday, 31 May 2019

Pampering Myself With Bath and Soap | Gifted

Now and then (every night), my favourite thing to do is to have a bath. There is nothing more relaxing than pouring out that bubble bath and making your bath so hot that you end up red as Mr Krabs once you get out. I love baths especially when you go all out with music and oils I'm literally like Chandler in Friends when he discovers baths.

They are so much more than just washing your bits and bobs, it relaxes your body while it cleanses your mind and makes you feel 100% better, for me it certainly does. I was thrilled to receive products from Bath and Soaps. They provide a wide range of bath accessories from bath soaps to essential oil blends and there is so much choice on their website.

I adored their packaging there wasn't a lot going on as sometimes you can get more of the packaging than the product itself. It was very creative with using an egg carton for their bath eggs, and the chocolate oil slice wasn't damaged too, I could not wait to try these.

Bath eggs

I got the mixed bath eggs to which I think is a fantastic product because you can try each one to know which one is your favourite, ready to buy for next time. All eggs smell beautiful with each egg having a different scent, though I love the cherry one a little more than the others. They fizz right through leaving no clumps and no stains from their colouring too.

Olive Oil Artisan Soap Slices

Now as a chocolate lover, I had to get the chocolate olive oil artisan soap slice, the smell of chocolate is my absolute favourite. These soaps are handmade made from vegetable oils that have many beneficial properties for the skin. This left my skin feeling incredibly soft and smelt gorgeous too. These soaps are also SLS and paraben free.

I certainly will be using these for a long time, and will definitely be buying these in the future. They are all very reasonably priced and if you want 10% off, you can use my code: Jw10. Let me know what you get!

*This product was kindly gifted - all opinions are my own.



    Https:// said...

    I love baths too! These bath bombs sound fabulous :)

    Eleonore said...

    Couldn't agree more! Bath bombs are so amazing, smell lovely and leave our skin feeling so soft... They're so relaxing, I love it!

    writtenbyhan said...

    Baths are the best after a long day! These bath bombs look amazing!


    Aaliyah - Beauty Obsessed said...

    Those bath eggs look amazing! I love bath bombs they are so relaxing and I like if they contain oils as they make your skin feel amazing! X

    Ellie said...

    These bath eggs look (and sound) amazing. The pictures of them are so satisfying too! ��

    Jaya Avendel said...

    I love handmade soap; my mom made our soaps for many, many years and they looked almost identical to the ones in your pictures.

    As for the bath soaps, I love the vibrant colors and the way they remind me of macarons!

    Yaya said...

    OMG brilliant! nothing I love more than a lovely bath with products like these!!

    Unknown said...

    Beautiful products! They look so soothing and relaxing, and such high quality. Thanks for sharing!

    Unknown said...

    Those bath eggs are so satisfying to look at 😍 will have to give them a go, I've only recently started to like baths so am enjoying treating myself to things to use in it! 🌟

    Ashley said...

    These bath bombs look amazing, so colourful! I bet they smell gorgeous too. I haven't heard of this company before, I'll definitely be checking them out xxx

    i_am_val said...

    Oh lovely! I should take a bath now lol. I must purchase some!

    james anderson said...

    I love to use bath bombs and i buy every month for my shower but i never try to make the bombs at home. Because i think before wasting time you should go and waste the money and save time. But now after reading your above article, i realize that we should try once at home to make them for the shower. Because this is so easy to make and you make them as per your need. Thanks for sharing this kind of article keep posting.

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