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How To Save Money Whilst Travelling

Travelling is a life-changing experience. You get to see the world, and you're learning so much too. It's the worst feeling once you're back home and have that urge to go back and keep travelling.

It can be also be expensive. Harry and I have done some stupid things while we were travelling and I am a little grateful as I know never to do it again and I would love to share with you all what I went through and hopefully you won't have to too.

Share food

Sharing food as a couple or even with friends helps a lot. Harry and I do share food a lot anyway, and it saves money, especially when being on holiday. The food is a big part when you're travelling,  you're experiencing what their culture is, and it's a must. I love snacking my way through the day and then getting a big meal in the evening. I find my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so by sharing we are saving money and not getting as full and ready for the meal later.

Be flexible 

I understand this hard for a lot of people but there is always time you can get off work and by going on a holiday mid-week really helps you save a lot. The joys of not having kids mean you can go abroad whenever and wherever you want. Booking your holiday when the kids are at school can save a lot too.

Don't think you have to stay in the centre

The whole point of travelling is exploring. It's expensive to stay in the city centre, and you're right in the tourist parts too. The right amount is a few miles away because you're not too far, and it's full of life with authenticness right in front of you. You get to see what goes on and you'll be keeping fit too by all that walking.

Don't get the best room

There are times where you can get that gorgeous hotel from spas or going for an all-inclusive holiday, and it doesn't mean getting the worst room ever, you only need a place to sleep. The hotel isn't that important when travelling. As long as you got a good bed and wifi, then you're all okay. Exploring a city is tons better, and you'll be ready to sleep after a long day.

Take back meaningful memorabilia

We have never bought anything from those 'I LOVE NYC' type of shops for memories. We have always brought back something that means to us like a train ticket or a funky drinks bottle. We have the most random things that we have brought back from holiday, but only we get what it means which I find more special.

Public transport

I admit I was a little snobby about public transport as I've always had the worst experiences from them, but after doing it, it's not that bad plus it's far cheaper than taxis. 

The tube in London gives me such anxiety and don't think I will ever get the hang of it. The Subway, however, was nothing what I expected, everything seems more chill, and it just seems a lot simpler to get around. Plus you can not say no to going to Jersey from NYC for only $5.  I think I've experienced every transport now (I would not recommend a coach in America though), but it's a lot cheaper, and you're living life as they are. 

Make a realistic budget and stick to it

Keeping a budget was a huge problem we had when we first went travelling. We got too carried away and was nearly broke. Having a budget is hard, especially as you want to enjoy yourself and experience everything but remember that it's not going to go away and you can always go back. Having a strict budget means you can plan ahead, try to focus on where you are rather than thinking about what you can get. 

Have you made any bad decisions with money whilst traveling? Or are you tight with your money?



rogerwpetersen said...

Great post and advice! My wife and I are both tight with money, so we have a tendency to choose not to travel. However, I think we are missing out and need to invest in some experiences together.

Mind and Love

Musingsofbrowngirls said...

Loved it. Holidays are more about the experience and learning to budget cost without is impacting the adventure is a win win

Sarah said...

I will often go to grocery stores to buy cheese, salami, pickles, mustard, fruit, jam, and drinks and keep it in my room to eat for meals or pack a sandwich to take Nd eat in the park. I will go to a bakery and buy a fresh loaf of bread. If there is a restaurant I really want to eat at I will, but it is much cheaper to get groceries.

Josh said...

Everything you said in this post is spot on. I’m always wondering how I am going to travel full time if I don’t stop being a snob about public transportation and quality accommodations. The more I learn on how to actually use public transport the more at ease I’ll feel actually using it. Plus, I don’t spend a lot of time in my room anyway so why do I think I need all the creature comforts of home. Haha

Ceci Rey said...

Great post...I do most of those suggestions with my children... is nice to know I am not the only one! Thanks for sharing!

Aaliyah - Beauty Obsessed said...

This is such a helpful post! Some of these I already do but I think the food, me and my boyfriend always get seperaye meals but I think we should start sharing from when we go away that’s isnt included! Will be using these tips x

Lizzie Bee said...

Thank you so much for all of your helpful advice! I agree with finding a place to stay outside of the centre; I recently went on holiday to Malta with my bestie and it was so much cheaper staying somewhere that was only 20 minutes away from the centre!

Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

Ellen said...

I agree with the London subway, it freaks me out! I don’t travel a lot, but these are still useful tips. Thank you for sharing them!

Giana Spiteri said...

The meaningful memorabilia is such a good idea! I'm quite the hoarder anyway so find I keep so many things from all my trips aha! x


Lola Mia said...

I think just prior planning and understanding your own expectations. If you want to budget travel you can't expect the best. If you want luxury it's gonna cost.

Lola Mia x

Syeda Saher said...

Some really smart and sensible tips here. Booking your tickets a month or two in advance can also save you a lot of money same goes for hotel rooms. Also one can always opt for cheaper food options. Of course budgeting is important.

Hollie said...

I’d love to travel.. is on my bucket list! I’m generally rubbish with any kind of saving though lol

Hollie | ‪‬

Rasheedah Najieb said...

Sharing food and snacking is a great idea! Love these tips.

Unknown said...

Solotraveller here, I have a daily budget stick to it,probably easier to do when you are solotravelling down side I can't share food but great tips thankyou

Emma said...

I was with you until share food. Haha. No, that's a great idea. I often want more than one thing I see so having table food is such a good idea. Love your tips, and I'm all about public transit when traveling

Gemma said...

You've summed it up perfectly. Planning ahead definitely helps!

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