Monday, 22 April 2019

My 'To Watch' List For 2019 | AD

One thing 2019 has done well already is the number of fantastic TV shows there is this year. I cannot wait to start binging my favourite shows now that I have settled in our home. I love the full effect when watching a TV show from having the snacks and to the people that are with you, but for me, I find having that visual experience is essentialThe Panasonic wireless home cinema system can make all the difference by transforming your room into a space that will deliver an experience. By watching your favourite TV show and seeing the special effects and experiencing the excitement that comes with it feels like you’re actually a part of it, you, your family, and friends will be amazed.

I have always loved watching a good show from comedy to drama, so I decided to make my 'to watch' list for 2019 as I am so psyched for these shows and I am interested if anyone else will be watching these too.

Big Little Lies

This show has been something that I have always heard about and finally had the chance to watch the first season, and my goodness, I was hooked from episode one. Not only has it won an Emmy and has such fantastic actress' on the show, but this also took me by surprise right away. I seemed to have watched this at the right time as a second season will be starting in June. It starts off leading us think to what has happened at a party and shows the about struggles with family, friends and the past. 


Netflix truly knows what the audience wants and we have been given ten whole episodes by the fabulous Chris Lilley. I grew up watching all of his shows from Summer Heights High to Ja'mie Private School Girl, and always loved every work he has done. I admit I watched this in two days, but I am planning to watch this again, for sure.

Orange is The New Black

I am so heartbroken that this will be the finale in June. I wasn't all that keen on the last season mainly for the reason that there were too many new characters to adjust with and we were missing half the other characters. I hope they up their game for the finale. I am going to miss this show as I have loved it from day one and STILL not happy that they killed off Poussey.

Inside no. 9

From the makers of League of Gentleman, this show definitely gets better and better each series. There is always a new plot every episode and I get the Black Mirror vibe from this show too. Each episode always has the number 9 involved hence the number in the title. I love that there is a shock or twist within the episode and it is always unexpected.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I have watched this show for so long and have stopped watching the likes of Made in Chelsea and TOWIE, yet I am never bored with the Kardashians.  There is always something happening, and I am pretty stoked for what this season will be bringing us...

Have you seen any of these shows these too?

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Nyxie said...

Wonderful list. I'm really enjoying Lunatics, while my partner thinks it's stupid. But to me, it's just like the Australian version of Little Britain.

- Nyxie

Hadi said...

Good recommendation. It's been a while since I watched Fox's "Time After Time"

brirue said...

I love Orange is the New Black, great picks!!!!

Jayash said...

Wow.. Great list.. Hope you can enjoy all.
Go ahead..

Unknown said...

I've seen little lies..a few times when it came out, but have not seen all of them. Thanks for the list..maybe one day I will watch them. I only have satellite here. I rarely watch tv and its usually with 16 and hubby! I do love a Canadian show Private Eyes- that will start up again in May. It has the old "moonlighting" vibe to it!

Erica said...

Truly great list shows. I have not seen all of them, But dying to watch those I have not.

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