Sunday, 10 March 2019

What I Watched This Week...

TV this week has been pretty good interesting to say the least. Usually, I don't watch live TV these days anymore as there isn't anything that great and tbh, I think you get a better choice on Netflix.

I enjoy these types of posts as I am fascinated to what people have watched and what their thoughts are too. I love watching Gogglebox, so maybe that is why I love these posts.

Leaving Neverland
 I may as well get into the most interesting one first. I was always sceptical of these 'rumours', but after watching this my views on MJ has changed, for sure and I now believe Wade and James. Tons of people think that MJ is innocent but from what was said it seems odd for them to lie as they gave such graphic details. The documentary was long though I liked the way it was shot and found it very interesting.

Mummy Diaries
This show always puts a smile on my face especially Nelly as she is such a little sweetie. The series seems to focus on Billie's and Gregg's wedding and how stressful does this look to plan?! I love Gregg and his banter and think their dad is hilarious too.

White Gold
I am so glad this is back on our screens and love that they put the whole series on iplayer. I have only seen the first episode, but I can tell it's going to be just as good as the first. If you like Ed Westwick and The Inbetweeners then you would love this, the first series is on Netflix, so make sure you catch up first.

Celebs Go Dating
This series we have new dating experts with Anna and Paul who I love so far, but also I adore Tom as he is such a joy to watch. The past few series I have always gotten bored though this one has a lot of people with strong personalities. It's cringe at times especially Georgia's 'banter', I do tend to watch this on catch up so I can fast forward her parts HA.

Have you seen any of these shows too?



DinoDidWhat said...

I have not seen any of those shows. But I do want to see Leaving Neverland. Someone mention it to me during a conversation about shows. I might be watching it soon. Thanks for sharing about your personal stories and thoughts.


Vanessa Dias said...

I watched Leaving Neverland too! So disturbing. I watched the interview with Oprah too. Can't get my head around everything yet. I don't know the other shows you mentioned, I will have to check them out too. Thanks for your suggestions! ;)

Abi said...

I've only watched Leaving Neverland out of these and bloody hell was it a hard watch. Like you said, I think it has made a lot of people think differently about MJ.

White Gold does sound like something I would enjoy too so I'll be adding that to my never ending list of shows to watch!

Abi |

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