Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Apartment Pants & New Job

Okay, I am British, so we tend to call 'pants' trousers, but if you got the reference, then you watch the best show ever, and we need to be Friends... get it? ha, anyway.

Trousers are something that isn't my all-time favourite - I am small, and most of the time they look ridiculous on me. My fashion is mainly skirts and dresses though I think it's fun to mix up your fashion style once in a while.

I say this a lot, but they are EVERYTHING. You can wear these for all occasions from an office job, styling this with a plain grey t-shirt and you can even wear them for going out for drinks with a cute top.

I will be wearing them for my new job as a merchandising assistant - I am so happy to finally get a new job after months and months of searching and having many interviews too, it has been incredibly tough for me with not enjoying my current role, so I am very thankful something has come up.

What style would you go with the trousers?


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