Monday, 18 March 2019

4 Podcasts I Am Loving This Month

I love podcasts. There are soooo many genres and you can easily make a podcast too. Not only are they interesting, they make you laugh and can also inspire you.

I listen to podcasts pretty much every week. My favourite types are ones with guests who are either a celebrity or just an everyday person because it's fascinating in hearing people's stories and what they go through though I do love ones where I can have a good laugh too.

Note to self: listen to funny podcasts at home or alone as people judge and stare at you when you're laughing on your own...

Private Parts
This podcast was the first one that I discovered, and I am obsessed. They have over 100 episodes, and it's worth listening to ALL of them as every single one is just as funny. Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle are/were from Made in Chelsea and are now doing their podcast together. I went to watch this live back in October and was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Francis makes it for me with his sarcastic humour but together this works, and I am hooked.

Dilemmas with Jess Ellis
You may know - if you're a Hollyoaks fan, that Jess Ellis played Tegan. She has guests who have also been or are on Hollyoaks and other guests too. The podcast is Jess reading people's dilemmas, and Jess and the guests discuss what they think that person should do. She also does games throughout the show, and I especially love the Beanboozled jelly bean game, this will make you laugh and cheer you up if you're having a bad day for sure.

Happy Place
I adore Fearne Cotton, and this podcast is something special. She provides us with guests from the world of TV, her friends and people discussing things that have gotten in their way and how they overcome it. I am always left feeling inspired after listening to this podcast, it has such fantastic guests, and it's interesting to hear that so many people have a story and they suffer too.

Table Manners with Jessie Ware
I love the concept of this podcast. Jessie's mum is extremely amusing who cooks the most delicious recipes that I have never heard of, and her humour is my kind of style. Jessie is such a lovely person to listen to, and always find whoever she speaks to they have a great connection. I am halfway through series two, and I am in hysterics when Lennie has to cook for a vegan.

Are you a fan of podcasts too? If so, what is your favourite?



Blogimommy said...

I don’t listen to podcasts but I may have to! There hasn’t been anything on Netflix lately, so I could just play podcasts instead. I’ll give these a go! Thanks for sharing.

Kristin Harris/Tales From Home said...

I have recently started listening to podcasts but I have never heard of these ones! Will definitely have to give them a try!

Bobiknannie said...

I have been listening to Happy Place. Thank you for some new podcasts.

little kaatie said...

Happy by Fearne Cotton is one of my favourites! I also love the high low. Will check these ones out too. X

White Lily said...

I’m always looking for more inspiring podcasts to listen to at the start of the day! I’ll have to check a few of these out 😊 thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

I keep meaning to listen to podcasts but then I never do. I'm going to give these ones a try, as it would be great to have something to regularly listen to while I am doing work around the house.

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