Sunday, 24 March 2019

4 Places I Love To Eat

I am obsessed with food. 

I can't understand how people eat healthy all the time and are on unnecessary diets when we have a world of delicious foods and restaurants. Harry and I are huge foodies, and we have eaten out soo many times that I would be afraid to look at how much money we have spent on it.

Nevertheless, I will probably still eat out and enjoy that delicious food because someone has to eat it and though my body and bank balance may say no, my belly says yes.

The first time I had this, I wanted this again and again. People may say the price is a little high which I agree, but I would rather spend more for tastier food. You get to choose as many toppings you want on your burger, and they give you such generous amounts of chips too. The cheese is gooey, and their milkshakes are delish.

We first discovered these in Nottingham at their stall, and now they have built their way up and have three stores in Nottingham, Grantham and Leicester.  These doughnuts are something else. They're fresh, made from scratch and various flavours too. I was never a fan of doughnuts, and now I have seen the light with these glorious doughnuts.

Burritos are something that I cannot make, so I always try and go there when I am nearby one. It's basically like Subway but it's burritos, and in my opinion, it's 1000x times better. I always find the quality is fantastic along with the price.  

In the UK, we only have one store which is in Nottingham, and Harry and I try to go when we are there. It's not to a lot of people's taste, but I bloody love them. You can get different types of wings from boneless to Daytona wings and have them covered in BBQ sauce or chilli... YUM.

Have you tried any of these?


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Unknown said...

Great choices! I don't like donuts but those pictures look yummy!
Wonder if there is a Barburrito around me?🤔


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