Sunday, 31 March 2019

White Glo Deep Stain Remover | Review (Gifted)

For some time now I have been insecure with the staining on my teeth. I have always wanted to get them professionally whitened, and when the chance came for me to try White Glo Charcoal Deep Stain Remover toothpaste, I was so excited and could not wait for some shiny pearls in my life. 

Charcoal has become a huge trend in the beauty industry from face masks, soap and now even toothpaste. White Glo has created an activated charcoal whitening toothpaste which helps to detoxify your mouth and removes the deep stains and discolouration. What I find incredible about this product is that it also fights bad breathe (me after a night of devouring garlic bread the night before) and whitens teeth enamel.

The box comes with the tube of toothpaste and a black and orange Flosser Tips toothbrush. The special bristles provide a deeper clean as the bristles are infused with charcoal to deliver even better cleaning and whitening results.

It can be daunting having grey toothpaste on the brush though don't be alarmed as this froths like regular toothpaste and still has the refreshing minty taste.

As soon as I brushed my teeth within one day I had noticed slight results which is something you rarely see straight away, I mean you won't be looking like Ross Geller's teeth, BUT they did make my teeth seem a lot bright than they usually do.

I have been using this product for a week now, and it's worked wonders as I can see less discolouration on my teeth and they also feel so much cleaner too.

If you're like me I would highly recommend this product - they are affordable for £5 at your nearest drugstore.

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*This is a gifted product


Sunday, 24 March 2019

4 Places I Love To Eat

I am obsessed with food. 

I can't understand how people eat healthy all the time and are on unnecessary diets when we have a world of delicious foods and restaurants. Harry and I are huge foodies, and we have eaten out soo many times that I would be afraid to look at how much money we have spent on it.

Nevertheless, I will probably still eat out and enjoy that delicious food because someone has to eat it and though my body and bank balance may say no, my belly says yes.

The first time I had this, I wanted this again and again. People may say the price is a little high which I agree, but I would rather spend more for tastier food. You get to choose as many toppings you want on your burger, and they give you such generous amounts of chips too. The cheese is gooey, and their milkshakes are delish.

We first discovered these in Nottingham at their stall, and now they have built their way up and have three stores in Nottingham, Grantham and Leicester.  These doughnuts are something else. They're fresh, made from scratch and various flavours too. I was never a fan of doughnuts, and now I have seen the light with these glorious doughnuts.

Burritos are something that I cannot make, so I always try and go there when I am nearby one. It's basically like Subway but it's burritos, and in my opinion, it's 1000x times better. I always find the quality is fantastic along with the price.  

In the UK, we only have one store which is in Nottingham, and Harry and I try to go when we are there. It's not to a lot of people's taste, but I bloody love them. You can get different types of wings from boneless to Daytona wings and have them covered in BBQ sauce or chilli... YUM.

Have you tried any of these?


Monday, 18 March 2019

4 Podcasts I Am Loving This Month

I love podcasts. There are soooo many genres and you can easily make a podcast too. Not only are they interesting, they make you laugh and can also inspire you.

I listen to podcasts pretty much every week. My favourite types are ones with guests who are either a celebrity or just an everyday person because it's fascinating in hearing people's stories and what they go through though I do love ones where I can have a good laugh too.

Note to self: listen to funny podcasts at home or alone as people judge and stare at you when you're laughing on your own...

Private Parts
This podcast was the first one that I discovered, and I am obsessed. They have over 100 episodes, and it's worth listening to ALL of them as every single one is just as funny. Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle are/were from Made in Chelsea and are now doing their podcast together. I went to watch this live back in October and was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Francis makes it for me with his sarcastic humour but together this works, and I am hooked.

Dilemmas with Jess Ellis
You may know - if you're a Hollyoaks fan, that Jess Ellis played Tegan. She has guests who have also been or are on Hollyoaks and other guests too. The podcast is Jess reading people's dilemmas, and Jess and the guests discuss what they think that person should do. She also does games throughout the show, and I especially love the Beanboozled jelly bean game, this will make you laugh and cheer you up if you're having a bad day for sure.

Happy Place
I adore Fearne Cotton, and this podcast is something special. She provides us with guests from the world of TV, her friends and people discussing things that have gotten in their way and how they overcome it. I am always left feeling inspired after listening to this podcast, it has such fantastic guests, and it's interesting to hear that so many people have a story and they suffer too.

Table Manners with Jessie Ware
I love the concept of this podcast. Jessie's mum is extremely amusing who cooks the most delicious recipes that I have never heard of, and her humour is my kind of style. Jessie is such a lovely person to listen to, and always find whoever she speaks to they have a great connection. I am halfway through series two, and I am in hysterics when Lennie has to cook for a vegan.

Are you a fan of podcasts too? If so, what is your favourite?


Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Apartment Pants & New Job

Okay, I am British, so we tend to call 'pants' trousers, but if you got the reference, then you watch the best show ever, and we need to be Friends... get it? ha, anyway.

Trousers are something that isn't my all-time favourite - I am small, and most of the time they look ridiculous on me. My fashion is mainly skirts and dresses though I think it's fun to mix up your fashion style once in a while.

I say this a lot, but they are EVERYTHING. You can wear these for all occasions from an office job, styling this with a plain grey t-shirt and you can even wear them for going out for drinks with a cute top.

I will be wearing them for my new job as a merchandising assistant - I am so happy to finally get a new job after months and months of searching and having many interviews too, it has been incredibly tough for me with not enjoying my current role, so I am very thankful something has come up.

What style would you go with the trousers?



Sunday, 10 March 2019

What I Watched This Week...

TV this week has been pretty good interesting to say the least. Usually, I don't watch live TV these days anymore as there isn't anything that great and tbh, I think you get a better choice on Netflix.

I enjoy these types of posts as I am fascinated to what people have watched and what their thoughts are too. I love watching Gogglebox, so maybe that is why I love these posts.

Leaving Neverland
 I may as well get into the most interesting one first. I was always sceptical of these 'rumours', but after watching this my views on MJ has changed, for sure and I now believe Wade and James. Tons of people think that MJ is innocent but from what was said it seems odd for them to lie as they gave such graphic details. The documentary was long though I liked the way it was shot and found it very interesting.

Mummy Diaries
This show always puts a smile on my face especially Nelly as she is such a little sweetie. The series seems to focus on Billie's and Gregg's wedding and how stressful does this look to plan?! I love Gregg and his banter and think their dad is hilarious too.

White Gold
I am so glad this is back on our screens and love that they put the whole series on iplayer. I have only seen the first episode, but I can tell it's going to be just as good as the first. If you like Ed Westwick and The Inbetweeners then you would love this, the first series is on Netflix, so make sure you catch up first.

Celebs Go Dating
This series we have new dating experts with Anna and Paul who I love so far, but also I adore Tom as he is such a joy to watch. The past few series I have always gotten bored though this one has a lot of people with strong personalities. It's cringe at times especially Georgia's 'banter', I do tend to watch this on catch up so I can fast forward her parts HA.

Have you seen any of these shows too?

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