Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Most Comfiest Coat EVER!!

Hey guys, can we all believe that it's February and the weather is only getting colder? I need a holiday asap.

This week we finally got part 1 of Shane Dawson's conspiracy series and my gosh, I am shook. It made me think so much, and I do not trust my iPhone at all now and don't even get me started on those deep fakes, ugh, it's too much to handle. Anyway, I have been receiving a lot of compliments on my coat from people and wanted to do a little post on why I love it and why you so need this coat too. 

My coat collection is a little boring - I always seem to wear the same coat all the time. I decided I need a change up, I am sick of being cold, and need a coat that is super warm. Teddy coats are without a doubt the best thing to happen since sliced bread and no, I am not exaggerating.

The coat feel a little thin but boy oh boy once you put this on you are not going to regret buying this. It has an oversized hood - it may look like a dressing gown but who cares? If Shane Dawson can go to Target in his dressing gown, then I can pull off a coat that looks like one too. At least I hope I do.

This coat is perfect and gives you a reason to go out with your friends in the cold weather or great to chuck on at midnight when you do a cheeky drive-thru through McDonald's.

What's your favourite type of coat?




Unknown said...

I adore that coat!

Unknown said...

This coat looks soo cosy! Although I'm quite small so I'd probably drown in it haha!

Paige x

Unknown said...

That looks so comfy.
Unfortunatly I live at the sea, and coats here need to be able to be both zipped and buttoned to keep the cold away. My winter coat is black, and thick, but it keeps the winter cold and winds away. <3

Unknown said...

Looks comfy and warm!

accordingtoalicex said...

Wasn't the Shane video so shocking?! I was most shook by the fire, it's so odd the way some houses were completely untouched. I'd love to know what the truth is behind it all. I LOVE teddy coats, I've got a huge baby pink one and it's the cosiest thing ever. I love how long this one is, I'd honestly want to live in it. And Shane is definitely a style icon haha x

Alice //

Unknown said...

How cute! It looks sooo cozy. I'm wearing a shorter sweatshirt version of it right now, brownish fuzz and everything. I love it! I could probably go for a longer and more sophisticated version, too. Thanks for sharing!

Britt K said...

My favourite quote that I ever owned was white wool coat. It wasn't overly big, sitting around my hips, but it looked SO sharp on me and I loved it. I even made a point of wearing it in our engagement photos.
Britt |

Unknown said...

I was freezing as I was reading this, this is something I could do with right now! Lovely post and stunning coat x

Precious Udoh said...

Very comfy �� you have a good blog. I'm featuring fashion bloggers in case you're interested I'm at and ��

Laustworld said...

This is absolutely perfect!! A coat like a blanket? Count me in!
Laura /

Gemma Tidmarsh said...

It looks so comfy and warm 😍 love it!

MissJadeW said...

Thank you all for the comments - I really apologies I can't comment to each one, for some reason since Google+ is going, Blogger has been unable to let me respond to each one :( xx

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