Sunday, 27 January 2019

Wear Your Craziest Jumper Like There Is No Tomorrow

I bought this jumper for my birthday as firstly, I had barely any jumpers and also, I bloody love cats.

January is here and what feels like it's been here for so long - it's still or if not even more cold AF. I admit that I love the winter weather and what comes with it but when it's January, all I want is a holiday booked and to do some bikini shopping yet right now I am living my life glued to the screen watching Netflix documentary of Ted Bundy.

2019 is about embracing yourself. If you want to put on your boldest eyeshadow, then you do it, if you want that crazy jumper, then I am 100% with you, girl.

The jumper is full of two things - sparkles and a cat. Everything I love and don't expect me to wear it a few times, I will wear this like no tomorrow. 



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Sophie Harriet said...

I love that jumper! I love cats too so I'd be all over that.

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