Sunday, 27 January 2019

Wear Your Craziest Jumper Like There Is No Tomorrow

I bought this jumper for my birthday as firstly, I had barely any jumpers and also, I bloody love cats.

January is here and what feels like it's been here for so long - it's still or if not even more cold AF. I admit that I love the winter weather and what comes with it but when it's January, all I want is a holiday booked and to do some bikini shopping yet right now I am living my life glued to the screen watching Netflix documentary of Ted Bundy.

2019 is about embracing yourself. If you want to put on your boldest eyeshadow, then you do it, if you want that crazy jumper, then I am 100% with you, girl.

The jumper is full of two things - sparkles and a cat. Everything I love and don't expect me to wear it a few times, I will wear this like no tomorrow. 



Thursday, 24 January 2019

A Personalised Cake For Our 8th Year Anniversary | bakerdays

It's 2019! How crazy is it, I'm still processing the fact that 1999 was 20 years ago honestly...where has the time gone?!  Apologies for not posting a lot, I had a little break and will save why for another post. Meanwhile, Harry and I celebrated our anniversary a few weeks ago, and it was our 8th year together. I can’t believe it. We didn't do anything too extreme as we spent last summer travelling around America though we did spend our weekend in our favourite place - Manchester, and once again, it didn't let us down.

As a cake lover, I was thrilled to receive a cake from the superb bakerdays now, not only do they provide tasty cakes from a variety of flavours (traditional sponge, chocolate and even dairy free) it can also fit through your letterbox. You can order a freshly prepared cake with a picture on it, choose a theme and even deliver for an event from baby shows to birthdays. You can buy the cake online with next day delivery to which they deliver to London, Nottingham, Birmingham and many more...

The cake arrived in a box which had a simple yet effective look with their design logo on it, it was easy to open, and there wasn't too much going on with plastic wrapping, as sometimes you can get a tiny item with ridiculous and unnecessary amounts of plastic around it. Once opened, there was a delightful circled tin saying 'Just For You', the tin was adorable, and I would use the tin again after I devoured the cake. Before I even opened the tin, I could smell the aroma of a rich and moist chocolate cake and this immediately made my mouth water. There is nothing better than the smell of oozy gooey chocolate cake.

I wasn't disappointed with the size as I expected it to be the size that it was as it fits through the letterbox, it was perfect. The design I chose was two stick people together holding heart balloons - simple and adorable.

Once the cake was cut a sweet smell of chocolate poured out, and as you can imagine, it was soft and divine. The cake tasted sublime and was shocked at how moist the cake was. One thing I love even more than chocolate cake is icing, though it can be sickening at times I truly believe everything was the right proportion. We had a quarter of the cake, and we loved it that much that we devoured the rest of the cake within 10 minutes. Whoops.

If you're struggling to find an affordable, perfect sized and tasty cake, you NEED to try Baker Days. Pick the cake, sit back and wait then enjoy eating.

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