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Top 5 | British Comedies 90s - 00s

If I could watch one type of shows, it would be British Sitcoms. I adore them. I have watched them from such a young age and find them hilarious. They're used to be a lot of British comedy shows on TV, and I am not keen on the ones that on TV these days, though I do love This Country if you haven't seen that, it is on BBC Three and it is hilarious.

Before Gogglebox we had The Royle Family. This show is about a family from Manchester sitting in their lounge watching TV all day, and it's as simple as that.  What I love about this show is that all they do is watch TV and it goes to show it's not always about what you're doing, and you can engage the audience without it being over the top. You can watch this and see parts of yourself or your family in this, I love that it's not this 'perfect' family, there are arguments, bad language and having dinner on the sofa.

My all-time favourite show ever. I honestly adore Rik Mayall. I've watched this show since I can remember, it's crude, but I love it. The bottom was created and starred by Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson, who also did The Young Ones - which is also a fantastic programme. The show involves two middle-aged men desperate to find their 'bird' causing mayhem and living in their pit together.  Not to everyone's liking but I think this is a fantastic programme.

'Get back you bastard, or I'll break your legs!'. One of a kind. Many fantastic quotes that I use to this day, still. Peter Kay at his finest, a show about a working men's club. It's the characters that make the show which had Max & Paddy which became a spin-off later on. I hope and would love if they did a reunion.

This comedy was about two thirtysomethings trying to be something they are not. Linda, a redhead who thinks she is 'God's gift' but in reality, she has no job and no life aspects but just pictures of Liam Gallagher on her bedroom wall. Tom, the loveable gay, dreams to be an actor and wants more to life than living with Linda, where really, Linda is all he has. I get the Bottom vibe from this show, two lonesome people living together, hating life and beating each other up. Love it.

ather Ted Crilly, Father Dougal McGuire and Father Jack Hackett live together in Craggy Island. You will always find the Christmas special near the festive season on Channel 4, and it's truly amazing. I love each episode and especially love when Graham Norton is on them. Feck. Arse. Girls.

Are you a fan of British comedy?


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