Monday, 17 December 2018

How To Not Let Social Media Affect Your Mental Health

Social media can take its toll at times, and I try not to let it affect me. You can get into this vicious cycle of picking up your phone, opening the app, scrolling, putting your phone down and repeat. I wanted to discuss ways to help people that think they're becoming a bit too obsessed with their phones.

I know that I am not an expert yet I am a little addicted to my phone. It's easy to get irritated by certain things, and this can play on your mind. We try to obsess over someone else's life or become too involved on what someone else is doing. It's time to focus on yourself by physically putting the phone away and mentally becoming better a person. 

Remember, It's not everything you see. I find Instagram to be the worst culprit, especially with celebrities. You want to follow people and see what's going on in people's lives, but when you're sat in your pyjamas, wearing no bra and not looking your best, it can make you feel very shitty. I always try to remember that their life isn't perfect 24/7, I find myself on Instagram when I am doing nothing all day, and this can make you insecure thinking 'why aren't I doing that?'. We only see the best bits and why would you want to see their private life? I try not to scroll on Instagram too long as it puts me in a mood.

Clear out your friends list. You're on Facebook and BAM! You're instantly annoyed, why? The person you dislike is all over your page. I always question myself as to why I still have people that were mean to me at school, and sure, they've maybe grown up, but those feelings and hurt are still there. The best way for me was to delete them because why let yourself get upset up from someone who you have not spoken to in for so long still affect your life. Get rid and move on. 

Put your phone away a few hours before you sleep. I can fail this a lot as when I cannot sleep I end up playing Candy Crush. My head can ache, or I'm a lot more tired when I use my phone right before I go to sleep... saying that I do watch TV before I go to bed, but if it's a cosy movie, then I prefer that than scrolling on social media.

Try to minimise going on your phone each day. The worst thing about social media is that it is super addictive. You can get crazily obsessed to your phone and especially now we have the screen time showing us how long you're on the phone, that scared me a lot. Those hours I'm spending on social media, I could be doing something worthwhile. The thing that made me realise that I can be slightly addictive is when I had my phone in my bag, and I kept reaching out on the table thinking my phone was there, I knew from then I had to cut this out.

Do you find social media can affect you in any way?


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