Monday, 5 November 2018

Thank You, Big Brother

I wanted to do a short post about Big Brother as not only is it the final tonight, it's the last one ever. I know, we have had this before, back in 2010, Big Brother ended on Channel 4 to which luckily it was taken over by Channel 5. 

Big Brother has been a part of my life, I remember my sister watching some show with a bunch of people sat in a room talking to each other and then the next day Nasty Nick was all over the news for being kicked out for writing down the housemates names and showing them to other housemates in attempt to influence their voting intentions. 

Shortly after, Big Brother 2 started, and from this day, this is still my favourite one ever. It had the one and only, Brian Dowling along with other fantastic housemates such as the 'I don't like blinking' from Helen Adams. This series was so raw and fresh to see everyday people locked in a house, being themselves, and trying to win some money. It was a simple show yet so addicting. I was very young watching this, being only 8-year-old but there was something about that was so fascinating, and I was instantly hooked.

When Channel 5 decided to end Big Brother earlier this year, I wasn't too shocked. This show has and always will be my favourite even though the past series or so has not been exactly amazing. We saw 'everyday people' to people who were fame-obsessed and there was no originality. I don't want to see people who have been on 'Ex on the Beach' or some other reality show.

Unfortunately, I feel out of love watching Big Brother however they surprisingly made this years probably one of the best in a long with keeping it original, having people who have 'normal' jobs and also having fantastic tasks like they used to do. 

I have a feeling it could come back, but please if it does, don't ruin it because it's so easy to do that. Thank you, BB for your constant entertainment. 


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