Sunday, 4 November 2018

8 Reasons Why Staying in is Better Than Going Out

It's less than two months before Christmas, the clocks have gone back, and it's time to freeze our tits off. Not going to lie, I love winter and the coldness, it's cosy and my birthday is coming up too...though I am going to be 25. WHY GOD WHY?! Anyway, I wanted to give my reasons on why staying inside your own home is way better than going out on the lash. What is not to love about ordering a takeaway and watching a chick flick and crying your eyes out??

No can judge what you're wearing. You can wear those crazy cat pyjamas (yes, I have those) or your boyfriend's t-shirt with nothing else on or even nothing at all ... No-one will know a thing. 

You save money. Apart from spending money on the takeaways, chocolates and a little alcohol but still it's way cheaper than paying to get inside the club, the number of drinks you buy and that taxi. More money you save means the more sides you can get in the takeaway.

You'll wake up fresher than ever. There is nothing worse than waking up with a terrible headache, feeling like you're going to puke your guts out and your mouth drier than the safari desert. You'll be waking up feeling fresh and ready to the start the day.

You won't get any creeps near you. You're in your house where you are much safer and won't get any creepy people talking to you whether that's a guy chatting you up or bitchy girls giving you the evils. You're freeeeeee.

Pamper nights are the one. A hot bubble bath is the best thing in the world especially in the winter along with having candles and a face mask on.  Not only will be relaxed AF but you'll also be looking and feeling brand new.

Netflix and chill. Honestly the name in the title says it all and no, I don't mean the sexual one. Not always, anyway.

Trash TV. Again, nobody can judge you for what you want to watch, sometimes when I need a cry I watch a cheesy romantic film or binge-watch the real housewives because sometimes that is all you need in life, right?

Invite your favourite people over. You can talk without shouting. You can be with the ones you need a good gossip with the most and watch your favourite movies.

Are you a hermit or love to get mortal??


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