Sunday, 21 October 2018

My First Time In Las Vegas // What I Did...

After our time in NYC, we jetted off to Las Vegas. My time in New York was surreal this was also my first time, so I was able to pick up some tips for the next time we go. Our flight was 5 hours long, and it was a lot better than Premier Air, we finally had a TV to watch and I got to see The Disaster Artist and Blockers (YASSQUEEN), and they were probably the two best films I’ve seen all year.

We finally arrived at Las Vegas and my goodness they love to gamble, the airport was filled up with slot machines, I know it’s a big deal there but didn’t realise it was that big.

Once we got out of the airport, the weather was scorching. It was around 44 degrees, and I was struggling just after 5 minutes of arriving. We arrived at Circus Circus, and at first, I loved it then after seeing all the other hotels I wasn't pleased with the hotel we chose. It was a very cheap, more of a family place and a VERY crazy hotel. If you love that type of thing then it would be perfect for you, but we wanted a peaceful hotel, and this wasn't peaceful at all. From what I saw, Circus Circus is probably the only hotel to be out of the way as once you walk down the strip every other hotel are close by each other. 

My favourite hotels were The Mirage, The Wynn, and Bellagio I couldn't believe how elegant each one is. I would certainly want to come back for a long weekend and stay at one of these hotels as each one of these is out of the world. From the water fountain in Bellagio, the designer shops where you know you can't afford anything, to even the river inside the hotel at Venetian. It is truly mind-blowing. 

I didn't think there was much to do as I think it is more for a long weekend, we stayed for 4/5 days, though we did manage to fill most of the days up. One thing we did do was go to a gun range, and Harry was so excited though I wasn't too keen. It was very surreal but an experience of a lifetime, for sure.

The place itself was pretty weird as they had pictures on the wall of certain people that Americans would hate with gunshots over them. I managed to do it and did a pretty good job too as I hit most of the targets on point, Harry had a fantastic time, but for me, it was a crazy experience. 

We mostly went for walks in the sweltering heat. We did spend one day in the hotel by the pool, except it was full of kids and was a nightmare rather than relaxing.

The food in Las Vegas was magnificent. We tried a few bits but I had two favourites, there was a bbq place called Rollin’ Smoke Barbeque, we got a platter to share, and this was a mouth drooling experience. We also tried this Mexican restaurant called Tacos El Gordo at first we didn’t think anything of it until we saw a lot of Mexican's queuing up from outside, we tried this and it was incredible. The food was being freshly made right in front of you, though it was hard to understand as nobody spoke much English, though the food was the best I've ever had so I was happy. 

We spent our last evening walking down the strips, watching the water fountain at the Bellagio and getting drunk in the hotel. We woke up and went to Cesar’s palace to pick up our courtesy car ready for the road trip of a lifetime to San Francisco.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will soon be posting tips for going to Las Vegas.


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