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9 Tips For Your First Time In New York

I finally went to New York, and it was EVERYTHING I could've wished for. It was my first time visiting New York and the first part of my journey around America, and even though, no, I am not an expert, I wanted to share with you my experience and help you out if you're planning to go New York anytime soon.

It was a trip of a lifetime for me, the experience was overwhelming at times, but I have no regrets at all. I hope you enjoy my tips, these are all my own experiences, as I said, I am no expert, and still have so much to see in New York and can't wait to come back.

You will be doing a lot of walking. And I mean A LOTIt's part of the experience if you do a lot of walking, not only do you see such amazing sights, but you're also burning calories meaning you can eat more. We stayed at the Hudson Hotel which was right near Central Park, and twenty minutes from Times Square, we managed to walk all the way to the World Trade Centre (4.5 miles away), it was so worth it even if it was a killer, we did get a taxi back though.

Download Google MapsIf we didn't have this app, we would've been lost and probably still there. You can download the area where you are and still navigate offline. With the change of timezone, your mobile network will cost a bomb to use, this app honestly helped us so much.

The Subway is not that bad. I wasn't sure about the Subway at first as I hate the underground in London, and I've heard it's worse in New York, but I am so thrilled that we did and it's pretty easy to use. I mean, in the summer, it's rather hot and clammy. I found it easier to use than the underground, and it's not hectic as I thought it would be. It gets you around so much quicker, and there is always someone about for when you need help.

Traffic is terrible. Expect to hear beeping every minute of the day. The traffic is manic, and this is why you need to walk or get the subway. Not only is it crazily busy they also beep like it's no tomorrow. I was woken up many times by the noise. We got a cab twice and a 20 minute car journey turned into 50 minutes, luckily it was still only $21, which I was pretty shocked it wasn't $100.

It's easy to get around. I am surprised how easy I found it to get around New York as I am terrible with directions. New York has street numbers which btw, I love as it's so much easier to remember where you are. The streets run horizontally (from east to west), and avenues run vertically (from north to south).

Wear comfortable shoes. Don't do what I did and buy shoes right before the holiday as not only will your feet not be adjusted to them yet, you will get a blister, and it hurt like a little bitch. 

Try not to look too touristy. I didn't think we looked that 'touristy' though I guess my accent kinda gave it away. You honestly have to be careful. People think they can get money and tips from tourists and it frustrated me a lot. At Central Park you can get a few people coming up to you, and also be careful when in Time Square because adults dressed as Disney characters come up asking for a picture, and then they ask for tips from you. 

Going back to Central Park, I had a Buddhist monk that came up to me (I did a little research, and they're fraudulent) and they put a bracelet on my wrist and then handed me a book to give them a donation. They also 'don't speak English' but I think that's nonsense too. 

I also got a guy grabbing me giving me his 'CD' of his rapping and then immediately asked for a donation, after saying no multiple times, he walked off and took the album. What a shame.

Tourist attractions are expensive. I feel like this is an obvious one. A lot of restaurants and shops right in the touristy areas are rather expensive, do research beforehand as I found a lot of amazing places right out of the tourist areas which were better and cheaper too. 

Don't get in peoples way. People don't like two things; standing in the middle of the street (if you're taking pictures) and slow walking. Stand near the side if you see a good view when taking a picture. 

I hope this helped you for when you go to New York and let me know what you got up to too.


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