Sunday, 28 October 2018

7 Tips For Your First Time In Las Vegas

After sharing my tips for New York I have decided to do some for Las Vegas, there isn't as many but it's vital to know these before visiting somewhere different and believe me when I say this... Las Vegas is on a whole new level of different. Love it or hate it, it's a breathtaking city full of gambling and hot weather.

Get a month where it's not bloody hot. It was around 40/45 degrees while we were in Las Vegas. Never have I been in such a hot place before and never have I appreciated cold water because as soon as you buy a bottle of water, 10 seconds in, it'll get warm. I've heard the best months to go to Las Vegas is from March to May and September to November. I struggled so much touring around and was dripping sweat like it was no tomorrow.

Don't accept any cards that are given to you... unless you like that kind of thing. Shocked ain't the word. You're strolling along in the evening on the strip, and you get given a card, only this isn't any standard type of card. It's for escorts. And what was even more shocking is that it's full of men and women around 50 - 70-year-old handing these out. It's absurd. I also saw a young girl who picked one up from the floor and put it in her pocket, boy, I would love to see her parents face when they're doing the washing.

Don't be fooled with how close buildings look. We stayed at Circus Circus which was the furthest hotel out the lot. I couldn't wait to explore Las Vegas, we got a taxi from the airport to the hotel, and it was a 15-minute drive, and this cost $40. I was NOT happy. Meanwhile, the only choice we had was to walk in the sweltering heat, and the buildings don't look that far away at all. Anyway, cut a long story short if you're planning to stay at Circus Circus, a walk to Ceasers Palace is 2 miles and took us nearly two hours, probably because I was struggling though. 

Rent a car. Annoyingly, when we rented a car, it was the last day of  staying in Vegas. The traffic seemed the smoothest in Vegas. They rarely beep, and there is not a lot of traffic.  Driving is not that bad (Harry's words, not mine, I didn't dare to drive with it being on the wrong side).

Your hotel doesn't include 'resort fee'. A 5 hour flight and a $40 taxi trip to the hotel later, we finally got to Circus Circus to be then told that we had to pay for a resort fee. Excuse me?! Resort fee is supposedly the extras of the hotel. $35 for each night, I was a teeny tiny bit fuming, but I was in Vegas, baby! 

Smoking is allowed in hotels. I wasn't too fussed. As a Brit who is used to no smoking inside, I was a little stunned to see it, and I was glad that we have it banned because blimey, it stinks. But if you're a smoker, then you'd be happy.

Enjoy the moment. You will not find anything like Vegas. It is one of a kind, and you need an open mind to go there. Embrace the uniqueness because there is nothing like it. I loved it. I get why some people wouldn't be a fan, but you got to go with the flow. Do a little gambling and have a drink... though don't get too drunk and get those cards ;)

I hope these tips were useful. Have you been before or about to go anytime soon?


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