Sunday, 28 October 2018

7 Tips For Your First Time In Las Vegas

After sharing my tips for New York I have decided to do some for Las Vegas, there isn't as many but it's vital to know these before visiting somewhere different and believe me when I say this... Las Vegas is on a whole new level of different. Love it or hate it, it's a breathtaking city full of gambling and hot weather.

Get a month where it's not bloody hot. It was around 40/45 degrees while we were in Las Vegas. Never have I been in such a hot place before and never have I appreciated cold water because as soon as you buy a bottle of water, 10 seconds in, it'll get warm. I've heard the best months to go to Las Vegas is from March to May and September to November. I struggled so much touring around and was dripping sweat like it was no tomorrow.

Don't accept any cards that are given to you... unless you like that kind of thing. Shocked ain't the word. You're strolling along in the evening on the strip, and you get given a card, only this isn't any standard type of card. It's for escorts. And what was even more shocking is that it's full of men and women around 50 - 70-year-old handing these out. It's absurd. I also saw a young girl who picked one up from the floor and put it in her pocket, boy, I would love to see her parents face when they're doing the washing.

Don't be fooled with how close buildings look. We stayed at Circus Circus which was the furthest hotel out the lot. I couldn't wait to explore Las Vegas, we got a taxi from the airport to the hotel, and it was a 15-minute drive, and this cost $40. I was NOT happy. Meanwhile, the only choice we had was to walk in the sweltering heat, and the buildings don't look that far away at all. Anyway, cut a long story short if you're planning to stay at Circus Circus, a walk to Ceasers Palace is 2 miles and took us nearly two hours, probably because I was struggling though. 

Rent a car. Annoyingly, when we rented a car, it was the last day of  staying in Vegas. The traffic seemed the smoothest in Vegas. They rarely beep, and there is not a lot of traffic.  Driving is not that bad (Harry's words, not mine, I didn't dare to drive with it being on the wrong side).

Your hotel doesn't include 'resort fee'. A 5 hour flight and a $40 taxi trip to the hotel later, we finally got to Circus Circus to be then told that we had to pay for a resort fee. Excuse me?! Resort fee is supposedly the extras of the hotel. $35 for each night, I was a teeny tiny bit fuming, but I was in Vegas, baby! 

Smoking is allowed in hotels. I wasn't too fussed. As a Brit who is used to no smoking inside, I was a little stunned to see it, and I was glad that we have it banned because blimey, it stinks. But if you're a smoker, then you'd be happy.

Enjoy the moment. You will not find anything like Vegas. It is one of a kind, and you need an open mind to go there. Embrace the uniqueness because there is nothing like it. I loved it. I get why some people wouldn't be a fan, but you got to go with the flow. Do a little gambling and have a drink... though don't get too drunk and get those cards ;)

I hope these tips were useful. Have you been before or about to go anytime soon?


Sunday, 21 October 2018

My First Time In Las Vegas // What I Did...

After our time in NYC, we jetted off to Las Vegas. My time in New York was surreal this was also my first time, so I was able to pick up some tips for the next time we go. Our flight was 5 hours long, and it was a lot better than Premier Air, we finally had a TV to watch and I got to see The Disaster Artist and Blockers (YASSQUEEN), and they were probably the two best films I’ve seen all year.

We finally arrived at Las Vegas and my goodness they love to gamble, the airport was filled up with slot machines, I know it’s a big deal there but didn’t realise it was that big.

Once we got out of the airport, the weather was scorching. It was around 44 degrees, and I was struggling just after 5 minutes of arriving. We arrived at Circus Circus, and at first, I loved it then after seeing all the other hotels I wasn't pleased with the hotel we chose. It was a very cheap, more of a family place and a VERY crazy hotel. If you love that type of thing then it would be perfect for you, but we wanted a peaceful hotel, and this wasn't peaceful at all. From what I saw, Circus Circus is probably the only hotel to be out of the way as once you walk down the strip every other hotel are close by each other. 

My favourite hotels were The Mirage, The Wynn, and Bellagio I couldn't believe how elegant each one is. I would certainly want to come back for a long weekend and stay at one of these hotels as each one of these is out of the world. From the water fountain in Bellagio, the designer shops where you know you can't afford anything, to even the river inside the hotel at Venetian. It is truly mind-blowing. 

I didn't think there was much to do as I think it is more for a long weekend, we stayed for 4/5 days, though we did manage to fill most of the days up. One thing we did do was go to a gun range, and Harry was so excited though I wasn't too keen. It was very surreal but an experience of a lifetime, for sure.

The place itself was pretty weird as they had pictures on the wall of certain people that Americans would hate with gunshots over them. I managed to do it and did a pretty good job too as I hit most of the targets on point, Harry had a fantastic time, but for me, it was a crazy experience. 

We mostly went for walks in the sweltering heat. We did spend one day in the hotel by the pool, except it was full of kids and was a nightmare rather than relaxing.

The food in Las Vegas was magnificent. We tried a few bits but I had two favourites, there was a bbq place called Rollin’ Smoke Barbeque, we got a platter to share, and this was a mouth drooling experience. We also tried this Mexican restaurant called Tacos El Gordo at first we didn’t think anything of it until we saw a lot of Mexican's queuing up from outside, we tried this and it was incredible. The food was being freshly made right in front of you, though it was hard to understand as nobody spoke much English, though the food was the best I've ever had so I was happy. 

We spent our last evening walking down the strips, watching the water fountain at the Bellagio and getting drunk in the hotel. We woke up and went to Cesar’s palace to pick up our courtesy car ready for the road trip of a lifetime to San Francisco.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will soon be posting tips for going to Las Vegas.


Sunday, 14 October 2018

This Week I Am Loving... Private Parts Podcast

I wanted to share what I have been loving and wanted to start off with a podcast that I have only started to listen to which is called Private Parts. I have never really listened to a podcast properly before, and my work has allowed us to listen to our headphones, and you honestly don't know how happy this has made me. Not only am I able to concentrate better, but my anxiety has also become increasingly better too.

Stupidly, I started with their latest episode which was the second part unwillingly not knowing that they do their podcasts in two parts, I was pretty confused and decided to start from the very first episode. My God. This is probably one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I am uncontrollably laughing and entertained every second from their stories. 

I stopped watching Made in Chelsea and now I am seriously regretting it as I forgot how much I adored these guys. Jamie is hilarious, witty and has a loving charm, and then we have Francis Boulle, who is one hell of a funny guy and I absolutely love his sense of humour. Francis is the reason why I am uncontrollably laughing, though don't get me wrong, Jamie is hilarious too. They are a perfect double act. 

Not only am I constantly entertained my anxiety has also gotten better as I am distracted from worrying as I am only focusing on the podcast and nothing else. I found laughing to be the best medicine as it always makes me feel better no matter how I am feeling.

I highly recommend you listen to this podcast because not only will you laugh your arse off, you’ll hear the private parts to Jamie and Francis' lives and even learn interesting facts.

Do you listen to podcasts? Have you found it can help you concentrate or make you feel better in any way?


Sunday, 7 October 2018

9 Tips For Your First Time In New York

I finally went to New York, and it was EVERYTHING I could've wished for. It was my first time visiting New York and the first part of my journey around America, and even though, no, I am not an expert, I wanted to share with you my experience and help you out if you're planning to go New York anytime soon.

It was a trip of a lifetime for me, the experience was overwhelming at times, but I have no regrets at all. I hope you enjoy my tips, these are all my own experiences, as I said, I am no expert, and still have so much to see in New York and can't wait to come back.

You will be doing a lot of walking. And I mean A LOTIt's part of the experience if you do a lot of walking, not only do you see such amazing sights, but you're also burning calories meaning you can eat more. We stayed at the Hudson Hotel which was right near Central Park, and twenty minutes from Times Square, we managed to walk all the way to the World Trade Centre (4.5 miles away), it was so worth it even if it was a killer, we did get a taxi back though.

Download Google MapsIf we didn't have this app, we would've been lost and probably still there. You can download the area where you are and still navigate offline. With the change of timezone, your mobile network will cost a bomb to use, this app honestly helped us so much.

The Subway is not that bad. I wasn't sure about the Subway at first as I hate the underground in London, and I've heard it's worse in New York, but I am so thrilled that we did and it's pretty easy to use. I mean, in the summer, it's rather hot and clammy. I found it easier to use than the underground, and it's not hectic as I thought it would be. It gets you around so much quicker, and there is always someone about for when you need help.

Traffic is terrible. Expect to hear beeping every minute of the day. The traffic is manic, and this is why you need to walk or get the subway. Not only is it crazily busy they also beep like it's no tomorrow. I was woken up many times by the noise. We got a cab twice and a 20 minute car journey turned into 50 minutes, luckily it was still only $21, which I was pretty shocked it wasn't $100.

It's easy to get around. I am surprised how easy I found it to get around New York as I am terrible with directions. New York has street numbers which btw, I love as it's so much easier to remember where you are. The streets run horizontally (from east to west), and avenues run vertically (from north to south).

Wear comfortable shoes. Don't do what I did and buy shoes right before the holiday as not only will your feet not be adjusted to them yet, you will get a blister, and it hurt like a little bitch. 

Try not to look too touristy. I didn't think we looked that 'touristy' though I guess my accent kinda gave it away. You honestly have to be careful. People think they can get money and tips from tourists and it frustrated me a lot. At Central Park you can get a few people coming up to you, and also be careful when in Time Square because adults dressed as Disney characters come up asking for a picture, and then they ask for tips from you. 

Going back to Central Park, I had a Buddhist monk that came up to me (I did a little research, and they're fraudulent) and they put a bracelet on my wrist and then handed me a book to give them a donation. They also 'don't speak English' but I think that's nonsense too. 

I also got a guy grabbing me giving me his 'CD' of his rapping and then immediately asked for a donation, after saying no multiple times, he walked off and took the album. What a shame.

Tourist attractions are expensive. I feel like this is an obvious one. A lot of restaurants and shops right in the touristy areas are rather expensive, do research beforehand as I found a lot of amazing places right out of the tourist areas which were better and cheaper too. 

Don't get in peoples way. People don't like two things; standing in the middle of the street (if you're taking pictures) and slow walking. Stand near the side if you see a good view when taking a picture. 

I hope this helped you for when you go to New York and let me know what you got up to too.

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