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My Time in New York - What I Did...

It's been a month or so since I was in America and I miss it soo much. I was honestly crying at the airport when we're coming back. We spent three weeks travelling from New York to Los Angeles and my gosh, it was the best experience I have done in my life. The first spot was New York, and it was by far my favourite out of them all.

The flight and arriving...

I have never been on a flight longer than 4 hours, so an 8 hour flight was pretty big for me and was my 4th time travelling on a plane but luckily I do like flying (though I did watch Sully not long before, so I was sh*tting myself a little).  We flew with Primera Air, and it wasn't the best experience I've had, we paid pretty cheap flights, and it was a basic flight all round - no TV and very small space.

Luckily I had my iPad to entertain us, we watched Wolf of Wall Street (fourth time and still just as brilliant), after a long 8 hours, we finally arrived at JFK, and we were ready to hit NYC, but first, we needed sleep as it was 11pm. 

The hotel...

We were staying at the Hudson hotel, and it was the perfect spot as it was right by Central Park and 20 minutes away from Times Square. Our room was lovely, nothing special, but very cosy. I didn't manage to get any pictures of our room for some reason. The hotel itself, however, was gorgeous, with a bar outside, a library room with a pool table, and it also had an Umami burger there too.

What we got up too...

The first few days were full of exploring. We had five days in New York and as it was our first time we had no idea of how long anything would take and what we would be doing. We went to Times Square a few times, especially in the morning on a weekday as it was so quiet, at first I didn’t think anything of it, however, in the evening, it is insanely busy, full of crazy people performing and a lot of tourists.

It is very picturesque and inspiring. To be at the place where you see so many times in movies is so amazing. To me, it looks a lot different in real life, but it's even better especially at night.

Breakfast was my favourite meal by FAR. It’s pancakes, bacon, syrup and much much more. Harry and I first visited AppleJack Diner and my god, it was divine. I got chocolate chip pancakes while Harry got pancakes with bacon and sausage. It was delicious, we had a whole jug of syrup and whipped butter too, the service was brilliant however when we got the bill, I was pretty shocked that it was $50... I mean, was it worth $50? No, but I was too excited to care about that, and we were right in the touristy area.

We also tried Westway Diner and this time I got waffles and Harry tried Fench toast, I think Americans know how to do breakfast. We were way too full after eating that, I could barely walk all day. 

We did a lot of touristy things, but one thing we didn't do was go to the top of the Empire State Building, we wanted to do as much as we could but as we didn't book this in advance, it was a little pricey and plus, I felt like it wasn't a big deal because I knew I would definitely be back meaning I could do this some other time, the building, however, is magnificent and I cannot wait to see the beautiful views high up. 

One thing we did do though was seeing the Statue of Liberty, we were strolling upstate and was hassled by a guy who in the end, was pretty awesome. We managed to get tickets to see the Statue of Liberty for $35 each. It was an experience of a lifetime, and this was a moment I never want to forget. You get to see how gorgeous of a city New York is, and I highly recommend you do this.

From so many beautiful sights, we managed to see the World Trade Centre and the 9/11 memorial. It was very surreal to be in a place where such a tragic event happened. The waterfall is such a beautiful thing to have as a tribute with all the names of the people whose lives were tragically taken away.  

You're in this happy place when sightseeing, but being where it had happened, your emotions change immediately, it's absolutely horrific what happened, you realise how cruel life can be, and so many innocent lives were taken away.

Back to food, and I think it's safe to say that we ate huuuuuge amounts and there was no regrets at all. As you saw with breakfast, we got a lot, but that didn't stop us from having more throughout the day. Wendy's was my favourite burger place that we ate in New York, we also tried Smash burger, though it wasn't the best burger that we had.

As we were in New York, of course, we had pizzas, and oh boy, they were delicious. We tried Roberta's Pizza at Urbanspace Vanderbilt which was in a food complex. It was by far one of the best pizzas I have ever had, there wasn't a lot a cheese but the whole texture, bread and sauce just made the balance of everything. The other was near the Friends building, and I am gutted, but I cannot remember the name of this place though the pizza was only $3.

My other favourite place was Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. Forget KFC this is where you need to go when coming here. In Hells Kitchen area at 749 9th Ave, this place is a fast food restaurant serving fried chicken, chicken burgers and lots of fries along with multiple refillable drinks. I was obsessed and want to go back already.

My time throughout New York was perfect in every way, we experienced so much and made so many memories. Every building was beautiful, and we got to see so much, though one building that caught my eye was, of course, the Friends building. I was so excited to see this in my own eyes, I get they didn't film there, but it's a part of Friends, and it was surreal seeing this up close.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the pictures and I cannot wait to share my next blog post of tips for when visiting New York.


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