Thursday, 12 July 2018

How to overcome a bad week

Some days can be pretty shitty, and those days can last for a good week or so, but that's okay. Not everyone is going to have the best day every single day, I wish that could happen, though without these types of days, you don't learn in life and overcome certain situations when you deal with them yourself.

A little update...
I apologise that I've been a little quiet lately. Last week was pretty terrible for me, but on a side note, Harry and I are currently in the process of moving into our first bought house YAYYYYY. 

You ask why it's been a bad week? Well, where do I begin...
Firstly, we had to deal with solicitors who were an absolute pain in the arse however despite things getting in the way, I am so over it and cannot wait to move into our house.

Secondly, how fantastic was England in the world cup?! I loved seeing everyone come together and celebrate, nevertheless, this does not excuse drunk idiots near where we live cheering/arguing and throwing stones at each other at one in the morning.

Cut a long story short, the windscreen on the car was damaged. Brilliant. 
So, I hope you can understand to why I was a little quiet along with also being on and having anxiety added into the mix, I just needed some well-needed space.

Here are some ways how I tried to overcome my week:

Learn from your mistakes...
This week has made me think quite a lot. It made me realise how difficult things can be and how strong of a person it can make you in the outcome of it all. You can either walk away from the situation or stand tall and deal with it. Harry and I were close to calling it off to getting our new house, but I am so glad we didn't. I have learnt that you don't need to rush everything and things will fall into its place when it's ready. 

Remove yourself from negativity...
I know that I am a negative person at times. When a situation is stressful, my 'Nikki Grahame' can come out. I try and keep my cool, except I have such a short attention span, and I was shocked to see how I bad I react to certain situations. Taking yourself out of the room and controlling on your breathing can help a lot. I want to try and not let anyone get the better of me anymore and want to start to be more positive.

Remember that tomorrow is a new day...
Try and remember that yes, the situation you're currently in is pretty much like riding a bicycle with no wheels on but keep thinking that this will end and you can start a fresh day tomorrow or even the next day. A situation doesn't get easy within five minutes, it can take days or even weeks, remember to not be too hard on yourself and a new day will be here shortly.

Talk it out...
Nobody will understand how you're feeling and talking it through to someone may not help the situation, but it can help you feel a lot calmer. It's so much better than bottling it all up. Though I am crap at letting it all out as I cry and can't speak, anyone else like that?

Plan something to look forward to...
The way I see it if you have a horrible week try and do something so not only you can look forward to it, your mind is also distracted from what else is going on. Though with my situation it wasn't great in the slightest, I kept remembering that I now have a house and this made me think that it's all worth it (well, probably not all of it).

This week has been a little better but I hope you enjoyed this post. Hows your week going?


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