Tuesday, 19 June 2018

What I've been watching this week...

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As you all know, I love a good TV show, and recently, I have been watching a few right corkers, and I wanted to share them with you all.

It's back, and it's better than ever okay, I mean it's no last year with Chris and Kem, but it's something to occupy my evenings every night at 9 pm. I loved watching this last year and was so excited for it to be back, not only am I entertained on my TV but I love checking out the memes on Twitter.

So far, I am liking Alex, Dani & Jack. As I said it's not as good as last year but I am glad it's back on.

Keeping up with the theme of reality it's TTTTTT-SHIRRRRRRRT TIMEEEEEEEE.
Harry and I were obsessed with this when it first started as it was our first TV show we binged together and I am so thrilled it's back on. The Situation is my fav, and it's way better than Geordie Shore too.

I honestly have never been so into a show like I have been with Safe. Firstly, what a dime Michael C. Hall is, not only is he a great actor but he does a remarkable British accent (a little sexy too) it's astounding, and if you haven't seen it LOOK AWAY NOW...

But the twist at the ending, man, I was shocked to the core. I was not expecting that, and I thoroughly enjoyed each episode. It's hard to find a reeeaalllly good show and this is THE show you need to watch.

If I could sum up this documentary in one word, it would be WILD. I enjoyed watching this though I don't think I would watch it again. Just for the reason that it scared the bejeezus out of me. Not only do you see a guy be blown up 8 minutes into the show, but the woman is so crazy and scary that I couldn't sleep after watching it.

If you like Making a Murderer and those type of documentaries you'll enjoy this.

Have you been watching these too? or any other shows you've enjoyed at the moment??

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