Monday, 28 May 2018

Why Self-Care is SO Important

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Self-care to me is the most important thing. I stress out way too much about little things, the stuff I've stressed out about a week ago doesn't mean anything to me now. It's super important to make sure you are happy and feel comfortable in life as you will feel so shitty when you don't take care of yourself. 

I adore blogging, but it can be nice to take a break from it at times and be able to do what you want. Working full time, I sometimes want to come back home, eat and do absolutely nothing. It can be tiring to start blogging after coming home from work as when your mind is elsewhere you have no inspiration to compose any blog posts. I do love however having a blog and working full time, though I may not love my current job I do like the balance.

There are many ideas you can do to ease your mind to make you feel that little bit better. Even if you take care of yourself whether that's once a week or everyday, as long as you feel good, then that's all that matters. Whether you are looking after your mind or body, it's all important. 

15 self-care ideas:

Be Selfish 
    Do one thing that makes you happy. Forget anyone else and think of yourself. 

See a friend
   Have a good old catch up, binge a TV show or eat together. 

Unplug from social media
  Looking at Instagram and seeing someones 'perfect' life can become a real reflection of your own life. Their life probably isn't half the life they show on Instagram anyway. Get away from that for an hour or so and enjoy life. 

Delete negative people off your feed
    Why waste time and look at someone's profile when you know you're only going to get annoyed, take them off and focus on the people who are there for you and make you happy.

Take deep breaths
      Every time you feel anxious sit back, close your eyes and take 10/12 deep breaths. You will be focused on your breathing, meaning the situation won't be the focus of your problem anymore.

Play your favourite music LOUD
    Play music out loud and dance around your house or even while you're cleaning, for me, music gets me motivated and makes cleaning fun. 

    If you're not a huge exercise lover, it may not be the best thing in the world, but once you've done a workout, you will feel tons better.

Take a quick nap
    A nap is always the answer to everything. 

Play with your pet (if you have one)
   Stroking my cat and kissing him on the head makes me feel 10000% times better.

Spend some dollar
    If you see a cake in a supermarket, buy it. There's a sale at your favourite shop, have a shopping spree

Have a home spa
    Put on a bubble bath, paint your nails, put on a face mask and wear that dressing gown.

Watch a film
 And by a film, I mean the cheesy chick flick with some popcorn and lit candles. Oh and tons of chocolate.

Have a cry
   Letting it out makes it better, don't let anyone think that crying is weak because it's not!!!!

Look at old photos
    'Memoryall alone in the moonlight. I can dream of the old days. Life was beautiful then'.

Hug someone
    A tight hug for a good 10 minutes is the only thing that can make anything better.

What else do you do for self care?


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