Monday, 14 May 2018

Starting To Run // Tips

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Me and exercise have never really seen eye to eye. I am quite a lazy person. In the past, when I have tried to run I would get a stitch right away and be out of breath but I am eager to start running more.

Finally, the weather is starting to be a lot better, the sun is out (sometimes), and I am finally motivated (ish). As a winter lover, I am so excited for the summer this year, not only are we going to America this year, Harry and I are going to become homeowners. I cannot wait BUT and that is a big BUT, I need to get my ass into gear.  Now, I don't need to lose a crazy amount of weight, but stupidly, I have bought all clothes that are a size 8... and these are a little tight.

Running is probably my least favourite type of exercise but I have no money to join the gym, and I want to prove to myself that I can do this. Harry and I have started to run and crazily in the short amount of time that I have been doing this, I have become so much better than I ever thought. I've been doing this for nearly two weeks now and was expecting a six-pack by now. It sucks how it's easier to put on weight than to lose it and tone up.

Here are a few tips if you wanted to start running:

Run with a partner

In the past, I would never push myself or was never motivated.  Running with a partner is a lot easier. Harry and I have started to go running together, he is a lot faster, meaning I have to catch up with him though it can be annoying as I hate it, it is also good in that I have become a better runner. I would always run the same pace or give up, being with a partner you can talk it through together, and help each other out.

Take your time

If only you could start running and not be out of breath within 2 minutes, unfortunately, that is me. I thought I could run a mile or so, but I can't even run 500 yards. It takes time, and it is easier going bit by bit, possibly going 4 or 5 times a week than doing a 5k run once or twice a week. You need to build up your stamina and know what works best for you, after running for a week now, I have noticed a tremendous improvement.

Make it a habit

Whether you think you don't have time, you do! Just go out there whether that's 5 minutes to half hour, it all adds up and pushing yourself out there means you can go despite whatever happens whether that's being on your period or raining. Just do it.

Have a good playlist

If your partner isn't available, music can help. I always find music soothes me a lot easier than running with a partner as you have to catch up with them and Harry likes to talk a lot. Music keeps you going and makes me motivated. 

And breatheeee

The first run I did (after many many months) I thought I was dying. I noticed my breathing was all over the place. Each time you run you get better without realising it.

Have you started running or are you an avid runner?


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