Thursday, 12 April 2018

Youtube channels I am currently loving

I love a good watch on Youtube. I was never really into it until Harry started watching it and now I am obsessed. You can watch Youtube videos for hours and end up watching the most random video there is. Here is my list of who I am currently loving.

First We Feast

I am not a huge beauty vlogger watcher, I love food, and this channel is brilliant. Sean does many types of various videos from 'Sean in the Wild' to 'Food Grails', but my absolute fav is 'Hot Ones'. It is a brilliant idea. Sean interviews celebrities with hot questions and even hotter wings, each sauce they try gets hotter and hotter. Terry Crews has to be my favourites one to watch, he struggles quite a lot and it's even funnier after seeing Charlize Theron take it like a pro.

LA Beast 

Channel name : skippy62able

This guy is crazy. Thanks to Harry, this has become a regular viewing in our house, and I love it! I don't think its everyone's cup of tea but if you want to see a man eat a cactus, eating chicken in a can or drinking a 20-year-old Crystal Pepsi this is the perfect channel for you. He is one of a kind I'll tell you that.

This Morning

Random but I love this programme so much and working full time I never get to watch this. Having this on Youtube is perfect because they show full clips you just want to see as if you watch this on catch up you have to endure the endless amounts of adverts.  There are so many 'interesting' people on there at times and who doesn't love Phil, Holly, Rylan and Alison... Oh and not forgetting Gino!

Brogan Tate

Brogan has to be my favourite vlogger, she is so down to earth and makes my Monday's. I've watched her for awhile now and still is my absolute fav. I love that she doesn't try too hard, she is one of the main reasons that I started my blog as I love how much of hard worker she is, and who doesn't love a good half hour vlog?! You should definitely subscribe to her.

Who are you currently loving?


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