Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Why I still love hot water bottles

We're in March ready for Spring, and it is freezing. Usually, I love the cold and the cosiness that comes along with it, but I am so ready for summer, and this weather is not helping me get my summer body too. I need the sun and blue skies right now, but unfortunately, we don't seem to be getting this anytime soon.

Due to what happened to my foot I no longer use hot water bottles anymore as I never want to come close to anything like that again, luckily my foot is looking so much better now. As an alternative, I use a microwavable hot water bottle with thanks to the Hot Water Bottle Shop. They are a game changer, and it's ideal for anyone.

With the weather taking its turn I have noticed the office at work being colder, and a few people are using hot water bottles so I wanted to ensure people on how to be safe with a hot water bottle and the benefits that come along with it. We all know how to use one but, it is vital you do it the right way as you will end up like me with a burnt foot. The Hot Water Bottle Shop has provided a step by step guide on how to fill a bottle safely along with a video on their website.

Step 1
Check that there are no obvious signs of damage. Cracks and tears can be very dangerous when pouring hot water in.
Step 2
Once you are happy that the hot water bottle is safe to use, unscrew the stopper and pour out any water left in inside.
Step 3
Fill with boiling water that has been been allowed to cool down to a safe temperature. Do not use boiling water as this can damage the seams of the bottle and also adds to the risk of burns. It is also important not to use hot tap water as it may contain impurities which can degrade the bottle. These impurities are removed during the boiling process.
Step 4
Slowly squeeze the remaining air out of the hot water bottle so that the water level rises to just below the top.
Step 5
Now screw back on the stopper making sure it's tight.
Step 6
Finally use a towel or dish cloth to dry the hot water bottle and the stopper.
Step 7
Your hot water bottle is now ready to use! To be extra safe wrap the hot water bottle in a towel during use.

When you have a secure hot water bottle it can also be beneficial in many ways, for me, it calms my anxiety and for when I am on my period. Even when it's in the middle of summer, I need a bottle on my belly just to help the pain as I hate taking paracetamols. A hot water bottle can be a remedy for stress and sleeping difficulties. You can see below is how you can use one for your belly.

If you are experiencing stomach aches or cramps (including those associated with digestion), then lie down for 15-20 minutes with the hot water bottle or microwave body warmer, perhaps a microwave bottle, gently resting above your stomach. Re-heat the product if necessary. We recommend trying this lying on your back on a sofa or bed. It is also possible to sit down normally and prop the product against your stomach. 
Similarly to stomach aches or cramps, pains experienced during pregnancy and periods can be relieved using a hot water bottle or microwave body warmer. Simply rest the heat product on your stomach, groin or back depending on where the pain is. Do not use too much heat if possible, and if you choose to use a hot water bottle remember to wrap it in a towel.

Do you use hot water bottles for other reasons? 

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