Thursday, 29 March 2018

6 struggles of shopping online

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Hands up who loves online shopping??

I love it though it's never as simple as it seems, most of the time it can go wrong. Personally, I prefer going to the shops and trying on the clothes, but when you work full time and don't live near any retailers, what do you expect?!

Throughout my times of shopping online there have been more bad times than good but I always still come crawling back. I wouldn't say I am an addict but the thought of a package coming to your door, trying on the clothes and wearing it a few times is the best feeling ever.

So, let's get into it...

SALE!... with everything you want without your size
You find the perfect going out top that was originally £20.99 to now being £8. Bargain. You click on your size and shock, it says 'Out of stock'. It's so gutting especially when you fall in love with it already.

The model looks absolutely amazing whilst you look like a sack of potatoes
You will always imagine yourself looking hot as the model does. It's the worst feeling when you get all excited, and it's nothing like you had imagined at all. I guess then it means more shopping though...

Big boobs problem
Now I'm not saying I'm Katie Price here, but I do have a bit of a boobage going on, so when I buy certain clothes, they're just swinging out like some merry-go-round.

You've got your clothes but are you willing to pay £3.99 for delivery?!
Your clothes are ready in the bag, the price may be a little steep but you know you'll look shit hot in it, and then the DUN-DUN-DUNNN... the delivery charge. I mean, I was willing to pay £87 for the clothes but not now that it's £90.99. Nah, thanks.

Delivery is in 3-5 days
So you're telling me after 5+ hours of online shopping that I have to wait 3-5 working days for the clothes?? 

Do you really need it???
Yes you chuffin' do! There is no questioning about it. Treat Yo Self.

Happy Easter and enjoy shopping for clothes or whatever else that takes your fancy.


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