Thursday, 29 March 2018

6 struggles of shopping online

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Hands up who loves online shopping??

I love it though it's never as simple as it seems, most of the time it can go wrong. Personally, I prefer going to the shops and trying on the clothes, but when you work full time and don't live near any retailers, what do you expect?!

Throughout my times of shopping online there have been more bad times than good but I always still come crawling back. I wouldn't say I am an addict but the thought of a package coming to your door, trying on the clothes and wearing it a few times is the best feeling ever.

So, let's get into it...

SALE!... with everything you want without your size
You find the perfect going out top that was originally £20.99 to now being £8. Bargain. You click on your size and shock, it says 'Out of stock'. It's so gutting especially when you fall in love with it already.

The model looks absolutely amazing whilst you look like a sack of potatoes
You will always imagine yourself looking hot as the model does. It's the worst feeling when you get all excited, and it's nothing like you had imagined at all. I guess then it means more shopping though...

Big boobs problem
Now I'm not saying I'm Katie Price here, but I do have a bit of a boobage going on, so when I buy certain clothes, they're just swinging out like some merry-go-round.

You've got your clothes but are you willing to pay £3.99 for delivery?!
Your clothes are ready in the bag, the price may be a little steep but you know you'll look shit hot in it, and then the DUN-DUN-DUNNN... the delivery charge. I mean, I was willing to pay £87 for the clothes but not now that it's £90.99. Nah, thanks.

Delivery is in 3-5 days
So you're telling me after 5+ hours of online shopping that I have to wait 3-5 working days for the clothes?? 

Do you really need it???
Yes you chuffin' do! There is no questioning about it. Treat Yo Self.

Happy Easter and enjoy shopping for clothes or whatever else that takes your fancy.


Tuesday, 20 March 2018


NOTE: The pictures may not be great and the food may not look impeccable but they tasted amazing.

I love cooking simple food not only it doesn't break the bank, but it's easy to make and a quick clean up afterwards. Pinterest has been my go-to app at the moment and with my healthy eating starting soon (hopefully) I need this type of food in my life.

They are simplistic yet tasty. You can either have these for breakfast, as a snack or for lunch. 

I first made these with just tomatoes and spinach however you can add whatever you want to it. If you're a meat lover, then bacon would be delicious or a cheese fan? Divine.

Here is how I made them:

The spinach may have been a bit too much, but we all know how small spinach goes once cooked. They also may look slightly overdone, but I prefer them dead dead crispy.


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Why I still love hot water bottles

We're in March ready for Spring, and it is freezing. Usually, I love the cold and the cosiness that comes along with it, but I am so ready for summer, and this weather is not helping me get my summer body too. I need the sun and blue skies right now, but unfortunately, we don't seem to be getting this anytime soon.

Due to what happened to my foot I no longer use hot water bottles anymore as I never want to come close to anything like that again, luckily my foot is looking so much better now. As an alternative, I use a microwavable hot water bottle with thanks to the Hot Water Bottle Shop. They are a game changer, and it's ideal for anyone.

With the weather taking its turn I have noticed the office at work being colder, and a few people are using hot water bottles so I wanted to ensure people on how to be safe with a hot water bottle and the benefits that come along with it. We all know how to use one but, it is vital you do it the right way as you will end up like me with a burnt foot. The Hot Water Bottle Shop has provided a step by step guide on how to fill a bottle safely along with a video on their website.

Step 1
Check that there are no obvious signs of damage. Cracks and tears can be very dangerous when pouring hot water in.
Step 2
Once you are happy that the hot water bottle is safe to use, unscrew the stopper and pour out any water left in inside.
Step 3
Fill with boiling water that has been been allowed to cool down to a safe temperature. Do not use boiling water as this can damage the seams of the bottle and also adds to the risk of burns. It is also important not to use hot tap water as it may contain impurities which can degrade the bottle. These impurities are removed during the boiling process.
Step 4
Slowly squeeze the remaining air out of the hot water bottle so that the water level rises to just below the top.
Step 5
Now screw back on the stopper making sure it's tight.
Step 6
Finally use a towel or dish cloth to dry the hot water bottle and the stopper.
Step 7
Your hot water bottle is now ready to use! To be extra safe wrap the hot water bottle in a towel during use.

When you have a secure hot water bottle it can also be beneficial in many ways, for me, it calms my anxiety and for when I am on my period. Even when it's in the middle of summer, I need a bottle on my belly just to help the pain as I hate taking paracetamols. A hot water bottle can be a remedy for stress and sleeping difficulties. You can see below is how you can use one for your belly.

If you are experiencing stomach aches or cramps (including those associated with digestion), then lie down for 15-20 minutes with the hot water bottle or microwave body warmer, perhaps a microwave bottle, gently resting above your stomach. Re-heat the product if necessary. We recommend trying this lying on your back on a sofa or bed. It is also possible to sit down normally and prop the product against your stomach. 
Similarly to stomach aches or cramps, pains experienced during pregnancy and periods can be relieved using a hot water bottle or microwave body warmer. Simply rest the heat product on your stomach, groin or back depending on where the pain is. Do not use too much heat if possible, and if you choose to use a hot water bottle remember to wrap it in a towel.

Do you use hot water bottles for other reasons? 

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

5 Shows I am loving on TV

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I love nothing more than just having a relaxing evening/weekend and watching TV. There is nothing better than putting your feet up and getting fixated on a show. These are all on TV right now whether that it is live on TV or on demand... it's perfect right now to binge especially with the Beast from the East stopping us from going out.

The Job Interview - Channel 4
I enjoyed watching this when it was last on TV and thrilled to have it back on. It's interesting watching this as a viewer because we can learn of what we should and shouldn't say/do. The concept is so simple yet intriguing.

Keeping up with the Kardashians - Hayu
The Kardashian's are my fav girls ever. I have adored this show from the start where we had Bruce Jenner and them living in a normalish house. There is non-stop drama, and after soooo many seasons, there is still even more drama. I love each of their personalities, and that's what makes the show so unique. It is amazing though how much has happened from a real-life reality show. There is never a dull moment with these girls. Love them.

Inside no.9 - BBC Two
I have no shame in that I saw all series 1-3 in two days. Series 4 has recently finished on BBC Two, but the previous series is currently on Netflix, Iplayer and Amazon Prime. This is about a series of different events that happens in a house, hotel or building that is at no.9. Each episode is very different and stars many well-known actors/actresses. It is very well-written by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend - Netflix
This show is cray. I love it. I am not a big fan of musicals, but I was hooked instantly. each song they sing is crazily funny along with the music videos and though I have a boyfriend, watching this makes me think I am a little crazy too, but who isn't?! 'The Sexy Getting Ready' song is phenomenal and makes getting ready even better when this is played in the background.

Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway - ITV
Last Saturday I decided to watch this after many years of stopping (no idea why), and I am so glad they're back. Who doesn't love Ant and Dec?! I was obsessed with them back in the day, I always watched SM:TV on a Saturday morning, so watching them just reminds me of the good days. They're hilarious, lovable and a perfect pair.

Do you enjoy these shows too? What else have you been loving on TV right now?

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