Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Why we don't celebrate Valentines day

Harry and I have been together for 7 years now and have only celebrated Valentines once. I love him, but we don't feel the need to have one day where we need to give each other pointless gifts and write a soppy card. That's for the anniversary.

We're not the traditional couple too, as we're not that keen on getting married, some of you are probably gasping, but it's never been a dream of mine. My anxiety would be sky high with having everyone staring at me and also the thought of talking to people - who I wouldn't have a clue who they are, is a nightmare for me.

Back to Valentines, we never spoke about whether we'd do it or not, we both just stopped, I won't go on about it, but every day should be special. And let's not forget the most important day,  that today is Pancake day. My fav!!

Are you more of a romantic or a pancake lover??


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