Thursday, 7 December 2017

Why Iain Lee should win I'm A Celeb...

I honestly didn't plan on writing a post like this, but I feel quite annoyed with this years 'I'm A Celeb'. I am shocked at how three middle-aged men are picking on someone who has done nothing but be nice. Yes, he seemed like a know-it-all on his VT, and everyone chose Kez to win the trial that night, but I feel he is a genuine guy.

Firstly, there is NOTHING wrong with a guy like Iain who has anxiety. I am so happy with how honest he is with admitting this. There is nothing to be ashamed of, and we should be more aware of it. Secondly, he has done NOTHING WRONG. I have found it so uncomfortable to watch Snake 1, Snake 2 and Snake 3 Amir, Dennis and Jamie constantly moaning and picking on him. I noticed a few people say that they are not 'bullying' him. Yes, that is a strong word, but I honestly think that this is happening and I don't understand why.

I have always loved Iain and remember watching him on RI: SE before getting ready to go to school. He is a genuine guy, and I haven't seen him say one bad word about anyone. Here are a few reasons why Iain should win:

  • Won Kez's care package 
  • Owned up to the strawberry-gate
  • ALWAYS thinking about others
  • Very open about his anxiety
  • Gave up his own email
  • Going on the show to help his mum out

Let's vote Iain and show him that we support him 100%...

By Phone
09020 44 24 11

By Mobile
64424 11

or you can vote on the app.

Let me know if you agree.


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