Monday, 11 December 2017

In The Bleak Mid Winter Your Home Doesn't Need To Suffer

It is getting colder, the nights are getting longer and there is that chill in the air that screams WINTER. It’s here, as much as some will love or hate it, we are in for the next few months of cold weather, snow even, and possible the gloomy storms. But, it is also a stark reminder that perhaps we need to pay some attention to our homes. Spending more time indoors will highlight whether your home heats up fast enough, whether you feel cosy and relaxed and happy to be indoors instead of itching to get out. Which is why I thought now would be the ideal time to share with you some of the ways you can get your home winter ready so that you can benefit from all that winter has to offer. Lots of chilled out times drinking hot chocolate and enjoying all of the festive comfort food - my absolute fav.

Investing in new windows

Let’s be honest, home improvements is possibly not at the top of your list at the time of year with 
all of the expense of Christmas around the corner, but the truth is, now could actually be a great 
time to make the changes to your home. Not only could you benefit from the home improvements 
but you may find that winter gives you a fabulous quote. Windows especially may seem like a 
costly job, but investing in something like residence 9 windows could benefit you in more ways 
than one. Of course, your home will be more capable of keeping the heat in than letting it escape 
through the window panes, but you could also find yourself saving on your energy bill as you are 
less likely to crank the heat up all the time.

Ensuring that your home is insulated

On the subject of keeping the heat in your home, one of the easiest ways it can escape is through 
the ceiling and loft. Heat rises, and if you don’t have an insulated loft space you will find yourself 
losing more heat than is generated from your central heating system. However, this can be an 
easy fix and something that can be rectified very easily. Again, this could provide a big saving on 
your bill as you are likely to use less energy when heating your home.

Creating a cosy environment

Winter is all about staying indoors and so why not create a cosy environment to help you enjoy 
your time in your home a little more. Perhaps investing in some new fluffy blankets, pyjamas, 
lighting winter scented candles and getting all festive with the twinkly lights. There are some great 
tips on Pinterest showing how to create a warm and cosy environment.

Winter proofing on the exterior

Finally, it may be a good plan to winter-proof the exterior of your home. After all, the last thing 
anyone wants is flooding or problems with pipes. If your gutters are full of debris these can cause 
damage and leaks, and ice can certainly expand those pipes allowing them to burst when the 
temperature warms up. Thankfully, taking on some of those chores like clearing the gutters and 
protecting pipework with an outer layer of foam can do the trick to avoid any nasty surprises during 
the winter months ahead.

I hope these tips help you to ensure that you and your home don’t suffer this winter.

*This is a contributed post.

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