Thursday, 9 November 2017

Juicy Orchard Pig

I was given some samples from Orchard Pig as I reached out to them on how much I love their non-alcoholic drinks. Unfortunately, they don't sell these in any supermarkets, and after I discovered these in Giraffe, I fell in love instantly with the Very Berried. Not going to lie here when I say that it is THE best drink ever.

I didn't realise how many different flavours there are and I have got to say that they did not disappoint. I adore fruity drinks but I am never able to find anything unless I am at a restaurant, and I don't have the time and money to buy each ingredient to make one. You can check all the other drinks on their website.

These drinks are perfect for either having dinner or watching a movie on Netflix. They also do cider for which they're best known for, I haven't had these yet, but I can imagine they are just as tasty.

Here are the drinks and what they are like:

Very Berried
Sparkling strawberry and blackberry with a cheeky twist of poppy - My fav! If I were to be a drink, this would be me! It's so fruity and that twist of poppy makes it not too sweet which I love.

Apple Tingler
Sparkling apple crush - A refreshing sparkling apple drink. Nothing but perfection.

Totally Minted
Pink grapefruit and mint with a zesty twist of lime - One of my favourites. If you don't drink alcohol this is definitely a perfect mocktail.

Deeply Rooted
Sparkling ginger and chilli with a wicked twist of fennel - This has to be a very strange combination but I did like it and would definitely have again.

Flower Power
Sparkling apple juice with elderflower - I’ve had similar drinks like this and it is perfect for the summer.

Apple Rambler
Still apple juice - This was the only one I wasn’t too sure with but only because I didn't read that it was a still drink however this is very refreshing.

Let me know if you've tried their juicy drinks or even their cider?


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