Sunday, 1 October 2017


As you all can gather, I am a HUGE fan of Friends, and last week, I went to FriendsFest in London baby! 

It is finally autumn, and I adore this time of the year. Thankfully though, it didn't rain which made the day even better! We got to Clissold park along with my brother and his girlfriend, and I was soooo excited. 

There was so much food to choose from, there was, of course, Central Perk, and out of everything, I think this was my favourite. I loved being Phoebe with the guitar... I so wanted to sing 'little black curly hair'. I wasn’t 100% well however the food did look delicious, especially the ‘My Sandwich’ bar where they sold the exact sandwich in which Ross described in the show. We got there a little early, as the apartment tour was in the afternoon, it meant that we could just sit in the sun on the deck chairs, having drinkies from the ‘Chick and Duck bar’. 

"Someone ate the only good thing going on in my life!" - Ross Gellar

Apart from watching Friends, there was so much more to do. You could also recreate; the title scenes, the Vegas wedding, and the prom. It was a ball.

It was the moment I had been waiting for... the apartment tour. Before getting onto the actual set, there was a mini-museum of everything including the props, costumes (with Ross' actual leather pants), and Phoebe's guitar. Altogether there were around 20 of us each tour, and we only had ten minutes for each one. 

I absolutely loved the apartment tour, though I did feel it was a little rushed as you only had ten minutes meaning you didn't have long to look around and get a great shot without people around. They did, however, let us all move out of the set to get a good shot of the full apartment.

I will always love Friends and to be a part of it in some way, meant so much to me. It was also a special date, as it was exactly 23 years ago since Friends had started. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and check out my Twitter as there will be a giveaway shortly.


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