Tuesday, 17 October 2017

5 reasons why autumn is the best season

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 Guess what? IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS. I know, it's two months away but don't you just think the build-up is much more exciting?! Before we start annoying everyone by singing Xmas songs and putting our 'decs' up, let's talk about how amazing autumn really is. So, here are my five reasons why I love autumn.

Hot chocolate
Who loves hot chocolate? what is there not to love about a chocolate flavoured drink filled with whip cream and marshmallows. I hate tea and coffee, but I could drink hot chocolate every day if I could. I recently bought Freddo hot chocolate, and I think I even got a little high just from smelling that bad boy. With the autumn leaves right on our doorstep, what is better than sipping on hot chocolate, the candles burning and watching a film. Nothing? Thought so.

The weather & leaves falling
Don't get me wrong, summer is lovely, blah, blah, blah. I just don't feel body confident yet (diet starts next Monday FYI). I am just so over seeing skin, and I just want to wear my coat, scarf, and boots. The downside about autumn is that we can be too ready for it and it's still quite warm outside. But that won't stop us from online shopping and looking at what we can buy, right?

Food glorious food
I love a good homemade soup or a slow cooked casserole,  and in the summer it can give you a right S.U.L.A. I have so much love for food, and it's that time where we put those diets on hold till January (yes, I lied about diet starting next Monday, get over it), and eat whatever the hell you want..

Being lazy AF and watching TV
I'm a Celeb, Black Mirror, and the best festive movies... it all happens this time of the year. It's way too cold to go out partying. And when I say Netflix and chill I MEAN Netflix and chill. Stay inside and start planning what you're going to wear for your Christmas work party, and have a binge.

Of course, I've saved the best till last. As soon as October hits our doors, we have Halloween AND Christmas preps in our Supermarkets. I am not ashamed that I am planning my Christmas shopping, and when to put the tree up (sorry, not sorry!) I honestly feel the build-up is a lot more exciting than the actual day. We have so much to look forward, and you will see a lot of festiveness on my blog soon, so watch out.

Is Autumn your favorite time of the year?


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