Tuesday, 22 August 2017

What I have learnt since moving away

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It has been a whole year since I've moved away from Lincoln and I have learnt so much about myself. I thought it would be easy peas dealing with bills and maintaining a house, and boy was I wrong...

It can be scary leaving your family and friends, and it's especially terrifying going somewhere where no one knows you. You don't realise how stressful it can actually be. Paying bills and buying food is not fun in the slightest. I couldn't wait to do the weekly shopping at my local supermarket, I now despise this, when you have kids running around and people dawdling, you just want to do online shopping forever - even that is a giant ballache. Here a few things that I have learnt so far.
YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO VISIT YOUR FAVOURITE RESTURANT AS MUCH. Lincoln doesn't have a lot of restaurants, but they sure do have a fair few that are now my all-time favourites. I would love to do a post on this soon, and if you do ever visit Lincoln, YOU NEED to visit Ribs'n'Bibs. You will not regret this.

YOUR CAR CAN FIT YOUR HOUSE. It took about 3 or 4 trips in my car to bring absolutely everything over however I made it possible. When you get told, the day before may I add, that you cannot have a rental van (even though everything was agreed) we had to fit everything in the car, and my car is tiny. Luckily, it worked. And I never want to do this ever again.

CHEAP FLAT PACK WILL BREAK WITHIN 6 MONTHS. You won't have much money and the majority of what you will buy will be crap. I don't like building things, never have done, and I never will.

YOU HAVE TO CLEAN YOUR OWN MESS. I miss living back at home and not doing housework,  I forget how much you have to do, and it is such hard work. It is such a ballache, but I love that feeling (15 minutes of it), of a clean house.

LIFE BACK HOME GOES ON WITHOUT YOU. Being away, you miss out on everything that goes on back at home. It doesn't get easier. I do love coming back and spending as much time with them, and it helps the drive there & back is pleasant for me too.

YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH SPIDERS ON YOUR OWN. I hate spiders. I have to admit, this one is the hardest.  I try my hardest to deal with them, as I cannot deal with the thought of a spider running around the house. Why do the huge spiders choose to come to my house?!

YOU MAY LOSE PAST FRIENDS AND ITS OKAY. I expected this to happen, it did bother me at first, but you will honestly make new and better friends.

YOU WILL BECOME A LOT MORE INDEPENDENT. I have learnt so much in the past year from learning how to deal with finances and even knowing how to work a washing machine (crazy!). Being away from family and being far away, you have to learn how to deal with many things, and it may be hard but you will become a stronger person, and it's a good feeling knowing you did something all by yourself. 

Let me know what you have learnt since moving and if it's been an easy ride...


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